E-Learning 3.0: Conversation with Ben Werdmuller

Jenny Connected

As Ben explained, Unlock enables anyone on the web to make money from your own website without going through a middleman, although it does not have to be about money. Everyone should have their own website. You can decide how to organize the different types of data on your own website.

2018 139

(Microlearning) tool of the month: Guidiance

Joitske Hulsebosch

Microlearning is a trend in online learning, so the tool of the month is a microlearning tool: Guidiance. Recent development is that you can easily place courses where you want: on your website or in other software.

2018 130

Seeing Around the Corner

Michael Sampson - Currents

List trends : Make a list of the top 10 trends that experts in your industry believe will shape the future. annual reports, public filings, websites). Combine : Step back and look at the trends and new concepts, lay them over each other and see what future emerges. A post from Outthinker outlines a strategic planning method for being able to “see around the corner.”

2018 89

Networking to Find Better Work

How to Save the World

Step 4: Begin to identify your Target Organizations (those in your Target Market), and gather information on what their culture and values and challenges and needs and prevailing trends are, and who’s who in them. Step 10: Ancillary use of a website and social media.

2018 46

Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: T he events of the last three months have made it increasingly clear that we’re well into the first wave of global industrial civilization’s collapse.

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