New Computer – 2014 vs. 2018

Michael Sampson - Currents

After installing a few other non-Office 365 apps as well – 1Password, Backblaze, Trend Micro Internet Security, etc. Several years ago I had the opportunity to help the husband and wife team of a small business go from one computer to two new laptops.

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Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

Warning from Poland: Trends in several European countries are reminiscent of the precursors to violent upheaval that led to world wars in the last century, and which are increasingly evident in the US as well. Na Pali coast, Kaua’i — photo by me, taken two weeks ago.

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The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

Jenny Connected

Evidence for this trend already exists and can be found through the exploration of expression of communities and culture online. This week the topic on the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC has been Identity. We have tried to answer questions such as: How do we know who someone is?

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E-Learning 3.0 : Graph

Jenny Connected

Take a look at the specific tasks they perform – neural networks are good at things like classification and recognition, as well as regression (that is, finding a trend or regularity in data). Graph is the Topic for Week 3 of Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0

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Facebook Eavesdropping Patent and Congress Questions

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Mr Zuckerberg, Facebook has a Shazam-like service for music identification that is used to compile Top Trends lists. Why does Facebook have patents to listen (eavesdrop) through the microphone for ambient sound if they are only using it for uploading your video?

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E-Learning 3.0: Conversation with Ben Werdmuller

Jenny Connected

From the perspective of E-Learning, though, the idea is to get an overview of what is happening and seek to apply it to a projection of likely trends in the next decade or so. The guest for this third week of Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0 MOOC was Ben Werdmuller.

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(video) tool of the month: 1 second video apps for blended learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

Video is an important online trend. Video is already important in online marketing, and learning and training follows this trend. This blogpost can be read in Dutch on Ennuonline. The tool of this month is therefore a video tool: the 1 second video app.

2018 179

Collaboration in the Process of Re-Imagining

Michael Sampson - Currents

To identify, for example, the trends and topics that are interesting and could have an impact on the domain of focus. I have argued that we see the world through what we understand, informed by our experiences, and enlightened by what we have studied.

2018 127

Use Binoculars, Not a Magnifying Glass

Michael Sampson - Currents

A magnifying glass reveals the current details of what is, while a pair of binoculars the bigger picture and wider industry trends suggesting what could be. What wider environmental, geopolitical and businesses trends will impact your organisation soon?

2018 127

(Microlearning) tool of the month: Guidiance

Joitske Hulsebosch

Microlearning is a trend in online learning, so the tool of the month is a microlearning tool: Guidiance. Microlearning originated from the idea of learning on the fly, via your mobile.

2018 130

Unified Endpoint Management – and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Michael Sampson - Currents

And it is trending in the right direction over time. Gartner published its latest analysis of the Unified Endpoint Management market late last week, with VMware, Microsoft, IBM, BlackBerry, and MobileIron ranked as the leaders.

2018 116

#XED is Essential for #DEX

Michael Sampson - Currents

Because with AI, machine learning and other mega trends coming down the pike that threaten many jobs, learning to see the opportunities and positioning yourself and your team with the skills and abilities to thrive in the new world of work is essential.

2018 116

Seeing Around the Corner

Michael Sampson - Currents

List trends : Make a list of the top 10 trends that experts in your industry believe will shape the future. Combine : Step back and look at the trends and new concepts, lay them over each other and see what future emerges. A post from Outthinker outlines a strategic planning method for being able to “see around the corner.”

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AI Use Cases For Communities & Networks

Online Community Strategy

Image Source: Constellation Research 2018 Artificial Intelligence Study. Identifying customer behavior trends. Artificial Intelligence is arguably the buzziest of buzz words these days.

2018 51

The Price of Oil

How to Save the World

2050-2100: This is the period in which I’ve forecast economic and/or energy collapse and the onset of chronic serious climate change trends and events. T he clueless gamblers that speculate on stock and commodity prices have been having a field day recently.

2018 64

Risky Business

How to Save the World

Intriguingly, “rising chronic diseases” (faintly) make this second chart, though the associated risks identified with this trend are inexplicable. Last year’s Davos Global Risk Forum “landscape” Larger clearer version with legend here. .

2018 67

Networking to Find Better Work

How to Save the World

Step 4: Begin to identify your Target Organizations (those in your Target Market), and gather information on what their culture and values and challenges and needs and prevailing trends are, and who’s who in them.

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Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: T he events of the last three months have made it increasingly clear that we’re well into the first wave of global industrial civilization’s collapse.

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