E-Learning 3.0 Task 1 completed!

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My very patient friend explained what an OPML file is (basically a file format that can be used as the import/export format for RSS feed reader programs – and there we go again – what is RSS ? el30 Feedly OPML files RSSIn the E-learning 3.0

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E-Learning 3.0 : Graph

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Graph is the Topic for Week 3 of Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0 Again, he has provided a good Synopsis – see [link].

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My experiences of the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC to date

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It can also be difficult to keep a track of blogs, but one of the first tasks in the course was to aggregate all the blogs’ RSS feeds into a reader of our choice (I use Feedly). First a bit of background. The task for this week in the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC is related to the topic of Community in the distributed web. This is the task as created by Stephen Downes: As a community, create an assignment the completion of which denotes being a member of the community.

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HR and #BigData – How LinkedIn Uses Data Research for Recruitment

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

And student notes: LinkedIn recently turned off RSS for social media monitoring so use FetchRSS to bring LinkedIn news into your journalism/monitoring dashboard. HR and Big Data – How LinkedIn Uses Data Research.

2018 136

President Trump Just Made a Direct Threat to Online Communities

Managing Communities

Please Update Your ManagingCommunities.com RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Legal

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Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

Facebook in engaged in undermining democracy and articles I was reading in 2018 pointed to their intentional and unintentional aiding and abetting behaviour with respect to the elections and democratic engagement.

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