New Workshop: Prince George, BC, Aug 15-16th

Michelle Laurie

Registration closes August 7th so get in touch soon! Want to learn more about engaging beyond words? There are a handful of graphic facilitation workshops in major city centres, mostly in the USA. I’ve been offering one in the interior of southern BC, Canada for 8 years.

2018 151

New Transformations Website

Networking Action

I want to encourage all to join the SDG Transformations Forum blog (weekly, registration on upper right) and newsletter (quarterly, registration bottom of all site pages). The Forum is my major focus these days, and we aim for it to … Net Dev

2018 100

A couple of musings on democracy

Chris Corrigan

There are many ways to hack a democracy, including gerrymandering electoral districts, influencing or straight out hacking of polls, manipulating voter registration and making it difficult to vote.

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