Security, identity, voice, opportunity and agency on the distributed web

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Silvia and Jutta talked about how they are working to give vulnerable young people in Colombia, who have different and diverse learning needs from the norm, and are therefore marginalised by the education system, opportunities for finding their voice and identity, through shared storytelling.

2018 187

‘Betweenness’ : a way of being in the world

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This paper proposes a counter-narrative that surfaces certain operational norms of the internet and foregrounds their exclusionary nature. At the beginning of this year my colleague Mariana Funes and I published a paper in which we argued for ‘both/and’ thinking, as opposed to ‘either/or’.

2018 148

E-Learning 3.0 Task 1 completed!

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Well if you are a ‘techie’ or a ‘geek’, then I would say to you that I am probably the norm rather than the exception and for me, this is quite an achievement. In the E-learning 3.0 MOOC being run by Stephen Downes, we have been given two tasks to choose from for this week.

2018 139

How not to thank your customers

Community Guy

Navigating the difficult social norms and communication methods of human interaction. . Sometimes being a human is tough. Getting through the day with a enough sleep. Scrounging food that you can get excited about. Executing grand ideas at work.

2018 116

When Inclusion Excludes ….

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This paper proposes a counter-narrative that surfaces certain operational norms of the internet and foregrounds their exclusionary nature. counter narrative of open online education.

2018 139

Community and organization intertwine

Learning Alliances

Legitimate peripheral participation enables outsiders to experience community norms and values gradually. I’ve been thinking about how community and organization are intertwined, especially when they are interdependent like they are in churches, synagogues, or mission-driven organizations like Amnesty International. The formation of a process team that’s focused on governance in Shambhala prompts me to write some of my thoughts down.

2018 100

The skillset of a blended trainer or facilitator: technology is overrated

Joitske Hulsebosch

Blended training and coaching is becoming the norm. This week I co-organized the #Trainingtrends2018 session in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with some 90 participants. It was fun. Amazing that we are already working on blended designs for 10 years and for some this a really new area.

2018 130

A sense of community


Sharing rides (and travel costs), opportunities to stay for a dinner to avoid rush hours or even stay overs for families from further away became a norm in the group. Not only it created a group norm, but also reduced the workload of a single family, making participation easier: taking ingredients saves time to prepare for the day, forgotten ingredients are often replaced by those of other people, kids can help preparing lunch and fiddly eaters have peer pressure of trying something new.

2018 98

Homeschooling over time


Once the choice is made the need for acceptance and like-minded people becomes very strong: at the beginning the stress from explaining and defending “deviation from the norm” is very high and it helps a lot to be with people who share your views. I keep on thinking how needs of a homeschooling family change over time. No data-based generalisations here, just observations. In the beginning it’s all about role-models and information.

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