Community network mapping: just get going!

Making CommunitySense

Mapping a community network is an art as much as a science. Solid methodology is important for professional purposes, of course (see for heavy-duty mapping processes the CommunitySensor methodology for participatory community network mapping). Mapping is never done.

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How to use Net-Map in Monitoring and Evaluation

Net-Map Toolbox

Or maybe connecting people to opportunities or strengthening the networks of the people you work with is an explicit goal of your work? I have recently been asked by a number of colleagues about the use of Net-Map in M&E and my advice to them may be useful for you too.

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PechaKucha presentation on “The Power of Communities”

Making CommunitySense

I introduce my CommunitySensor methodology for participatory community network mapping and show how it has been applied, together with network visualization tool Kumu to strengthen agricultural collaborations in Malawi, as described in more detail in this post.

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Building “networks of communities” for a civic intelligence movement with impact

Making CommunitySense

They need to actively build mutual connections across their boundaries, so that true community networks emerge. There is a counter-movement as well, also consisting of complex networks of communities. We live in an age of confusion, stagnation, and crisis.

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How to Create Live Maps of Conference Connections

Partnering Resources

I recently use a new tool called sumApp to map conference connections in real time. She was invited by Adam Herman, OACB’s Communications Director, who had heard her speak about networks. Why Use Network Maps? I’ve been doing network mapping now for about ten years.

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Latest posts from Networked City

Social Reporter

Here’s the latest posts from the Networked City blog. See earlier posts for more about our development – or the Networked City wiki. Network maps need conversations to be useful, and conversations benefit from mapping … the dynamics of civic operating systems. How mapping visionaries for responsible tech could help develop a people-centred approach to Smarter London. All posts Networked City

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Beat the Conference Blahs

Partnering Resources

They agreed to create a real-time map of all the relationships in the room. To help participants see how they might help each other, we used network visualization. Together, we collectively tested theories and built our understanding of what the network meant.

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Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

In the project, I used my experience with knowledge sharing for social innovation to help conceptualize the KnowledgeCloud methodology, network, and platform. More Czech connections: mapping public library social innovation ecosystems together.

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