cRaggy 2018: design, feedback & reflections

Learning Alliances

This blog post describes the cRaggy event at the June 2, 2018 Cascadia R Conf , its design, the logic behind its design, feedback from participants and reflections on how such an event might be better in the future. Each person has one vote to “hear more” about one entry.

2018 130

Microsoft Build 2018 – Keynote Highlights

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft Build 2018, a major conference hosted by Microsoft for its developers, was held in Seattle during the past week. – a partnership with DJI so that DJI drones can stream video to a laptop and have an analytics model run on the video stream to interpret what is being seen.

2018 116

Open Educational Resources and the Distributed Web

Jenny Connected

He claims that open education can change the world and is a kind of social literacy that can transform society, connect us across the globe, and enable each of us to believe we have the capacity to become an important person in society. Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources .

2018 225

Security, identity, voice, opportunity and agency on the distributed web

Jenny Connected

Each of the major developments in the internet – from the client-server model to platform-based interoperability to web3-based consensus networks – has been accompanied by a shift in agency. The topic for the final week of the E-Learning 3.0 course is Agency.

2018 185

Consensus and community in the distributed web

Jenny Connected

As of August 2018, about 1000 pages are deleted from Wikipedia each day. It is a wiki with no centralised space i.e. each person has their own site, from which they can link to other people’s sites and select or reject edits of their own pages.

2018 163

Community network mapping: just get going!

Making CommunitySense

Participants can be individual persons, roles people play, organizations, networks, or even other communities. Think carefully about in what level of detail you are going to model elements and connections, and when you need to update the map.

2018 219

E-Learning 3.0 : Graph

Jenny Connected

Create a model graph of some aspect of the E-Learning 3.0 In your model, consider how the states of the entities in that graph might vary. a person might have a different height over time) but also how the edges might vary (eg., with another person over time).

2018 158

Digital badges and the purpose of education

Jenny Connected

Stephen shares the draft writing of his weekly summaries in a Google Doc , which is a great example of open practice and the summaries are so very helpful This week he wrote: The traditional educational model is based on tests and assignments, grades, degrees and professional certifications.

2018 146

Links of the Quarter: June 2018

How to Save the World

What we perceive, he says, is the brain’s “best guess”, based on its accumulated modelling of the world, about what the electromagnetic signals coming to it from the senses actually “mean” in reality. What we “experience” as the world is merely our mental model of it.

2018 46

Badges are not sufficient

Jenny Connected

In the future we will have our own personal servers and will personally manage our multiple identities through public and private social networks. The traditional educational model is based on tests and assignments, grades, degrees and professional certifications.

2018 138

Sightedness: The Lesson

Michael Sampson - Currents

All the cues and signals were in the room available to every person entering, but not all signals registered as important. Each person focused on what they had the training to see, and filtered out that which they didn’t. One person doesn’t have to see it all or know it all.

2018 136

Microsoft Whiteboard

Michael Sampson - Currents

Excel’s white background is for numbers and calculations and data modelling and charts. Whether meeting in person or virtually, people need the ability to collaborate in real-time.

AI Use Cases For Communities & Networks

Online Community Strategy

Yet, there is a reason for the hype: AI could support a radical transformation of online community management and experience: automation of routine tasks, real-time insight, enhanced personalization and the enhanced agency of an individual in digital ecosystems.

2018 51

Your Self: An Owner’s Manual

How to Save the World

You can describe your Self variously as a person, or as an individual, or by a name that you invent or which others may bestow on you, reflecting your Self’s connection with their Selves. Image by Darren Hopes in New Scientist. C ongratulations! You have acquired a Self.

2018 60

Non-Duality Dude: A One-Act Play

How to Save the World

However, a person must change his plane of focus to realize this. There is no ‘you’, no ‘person’, nothing separate. If that was realized, seen, then there would still be love and joy and fear and anger and sorrow, but it wouldn’t be personal, wouldn’t be an experience.

2018 57

Letter of Termination

How to Save the World

The experiment with their service delivery model of “representative democracy” has been an abject failure. The model you instituted on our behalf ironically called the “free market economy” is the precise opposite: it is an oligarchy of obscenely rich and powerful overlords sucking up the commons — our resources — for their own personal enrichment, impoverishing us in the process. image from Fill at Pixabay CC0.

2018 63

How Would We Behave Without ‘Selves’?

How to Save the World

It could of course be argued that even if that is correct, it’s useless knowledge, a model without value — science as currently constituted can’t do anything with the realization that there is no time, no space, and no one. image: from Martijn Meijerink on, cc0.

2018 49

Separation Anxiety

How to Save the World

As a result, their models of reality are beginning to converge with those of some modern philosophers. Eliminating time from what is allegedly real vastly improves and simplifies many scientific models, from quantum theory to astrophysics.

2018 49

Collapse Watch

How to Save the World

Now you’ve got players running simulations and models to tell the others whether to turn the spigot or not on each turn (guess what we call them?), though of course these models make all kinds of assumptions, and few people understand or pay attention to them.

2018 46

Tuesday Ryan-Hart’s work on power

Chris Corrigan

She has been working hard for the past 8 years to articulate a model of power, justice and relations that can deeply inform the Art of Hosting community of practitioners, certainly in the North American context if not elsewhere in the world. Tuesday’s work has made me a better person. Here it is in its current form, The Shared Work Model , a gift of one Black woman’s lived experience, thoughtfully condensed and rolled into an offering specifically for our community of practice.

2018 45

Truth in Education

Jenny Connected

Mariana Funes and I discussed this in relation to the work of Jonathan Haidt in our 2018 paper When Inclusion Excludes: a counter narrative of open online education. There is always a model whether we are aware of it or not, but the model we choose determines what we find.

2019 167

Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: At least one climate scientist says the jet stream, which moderates temperatures, may have been permanently disrupted, rendering the models used for long-term forecasting here on in more or less useless.

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