The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

Jenny Connected

Instead of demographics being about quantity (sales charts, votes in elections and polls, membership in community) we will now have access to a rich tapestry of data and relations. This week the topic on the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC has been Identity.

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Sizing the Community Opportunity for B2B

Online Community Strategy

Considerations: Overall Market Size Current Customer Base Projected growth (ideally segmented by Customer Profile) Target vs Current Community Membership (again, segmented by Customer Profile). Three contexts to help create a bigger and better future for your company’s community.

2018 46

A sense of community


talk explicitly about group norms, as well as individual needs and expectations of the group members, not only in the beginning, when it’s natural, but also at the moments when membership or situation of the members change. Now, as our homeschooling community goes through what I’d call ‘growing pains’ and will morph into something new I feel like catching up a few thoughts of what made it as it is. Weekly rhythm: Thursday meetings.

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