Towards the idea that complexity IS a theory of change

Chris Corrigan

They are non-linear, unpredictable and emergent. In a road safety initiative this will direct you towards a monitoring strategy and towards context specific actions for certain places that are more unsafe than others.

2018 102

Working with principles: some thoughts and an exercise

Chris Corrigan

I’m continuing to refine my understanding of the role and usefulness of principles in evaluation, strategy and complex project design. Last week in Montreal with Bronagh Gallagher, we taught a bit about principles-based evaluation as part of our course on working with complexity.

2018 87

Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

I’ve been called back home early to deal with a broken pipe and a small flood in my house, but before I left I was beginning to think about how to apply what I was learning with respect to strategy and evaluation practices.

2018 83

How complexity principles can inform participatory process design

Chris Corrigan

Avoid creating processes that assume casualty going forward; don’t make plans that are based on linear chains of events that take us from A to B. To keep your strategy adapting, you need to build in feedback loops that work at a variety of time scales.

2018 46