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New publication: Common Agenda Setting through Participatory Collaboration Mapping – a Knowledge Base-Driven Approach

Making CommunitySense

de Moor (2018). Common Agenda Setting through Participatory Collaboration Mapping: a Knowledge Base-Driven Approach. In 16th Prato CIRN Conference 24-28 October 2018, Monash Centre, Prato, Italy. One bottleneck is the process of common agenda setting among such widely diverging stakeholder networks. To be scalable, this requires a knowledge base-driven approach. We then outline the knowledge base architecture supporting this process.

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You can stimulate curiosity for self directed learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

This morning I cycled in the sun to a school for higher eduction to a look back at a fun and successful project. Furthermore, we become more curious when we know something about a subject and discover that there is more knowledge than when we do not know anything about a subject.

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