Facebook Eavesdropping Patent and Congress Questions

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Maybe they need, I dunno, an intern to do a few minutes research eg. yeah turn off location tracking, go to the pub with friends, and presto, your location is tracked.

2018 203

GDPR: To Whom Does GDPR Apply?

Michael Sampson - Currents

This Regulation applies to the processing of personal data by a controller not established in the Union, but in a place where Member State law applies by virtue of public international law. Article 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states: Territorial Scope.

2018 116

SharePoint Swoop – The Intranet Makeover Show

Michael Sampson - Currents

Three MVP experts have just three days to help an international toy company modernize its overwhelmed intranet. One PowerApp for tracking truck movements is built. Microsoft published Season 1 of SharePoint Swoop: The Intranet Makeover Show , where three well-known MVPs swoop into an organisation for three days and make some SharePoint and Office 365 magic happen.

2018 104

Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation: Recap of CMX Online Workshop

Online Community Strategy

Below you will find an overview of the session, the slide deck from the session, a link to the companion worksheet and the working list of brand-based CI communities and innovation platforms we’ve been tracking at Structure3C.

2018 46

Your Self: An Owner’s Manual

How to Save the World

You will start to perceive people and places in space as real, and map them to keep track of them. Image by Darren Hopes in New Scientist. C ongratulations! You have acquired a Self. Every one is different, but in some respects each is identical to all others.

2018 63


How to Save the World

And we wondered, as well, why there aren’t millions coming together to discuss such an awe-inspiring, liberating, elegant, curious, internally-consistent, science-supported message. cartoon by the late, wonderful Charles Barsotti.

2018 46