Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

Problem is, by then the right-wingers will have bankrupted the government and given everything away to their rich friends, so there will be no money to implement it. Na Pali coast, Kaua’i — photo by me, taken two weeks ago.

2018 75

Net-Map training in DC, November 15-16th, 2018.

Net-Map Toolbox

I am excited to invite you to our next Net-Map training in DC on the November 15-16, 2018. What you can expect: Two days of learning, in very practical ways, how to use Net-Map and the new DataMuse app, how to apply it to a question you bring to the course from your own work or personal life, intense peer-learning, and the opportunity to develop a Net-Map implementation plan, have it vetted by your peers and teachers and be ready, as you step out of the door, to start Net-Mapping.

2018 89

Consensus and community in the distributed web

Jenny Connected

As of August 2018, about 1000 pages are deleted from Wikipedia each day. HolonIQ, Nov 30, 2018 Though dated last June this market map appeared in my inbox from Holon only today. The topic for this week in the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC is Community.

2018 166

Failing to Create a Content Addressed Resource for the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC

Jenny Connected

Due: Nov 23, 2018. In his post he writes: The first task I set about was downloading and installing the go-ipfs distribution implementation of the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). Nov 22, 2018 video. Nov 22, 2018 video. Nov 22, 2018 video. Nov 22, 2018 video.

2018 139

Digital Badges as Recognition of Success

Jenny Connected

In the second post – SCoPE Seminar: Digital Badges Implementation – I reflected on the credibility of these badges, their value, their integrity, their status, what and who they represent.

2018 148

Blog>> Taxonomy and Search Patterns for Search and Discovery

Green Chameleon

So you have built and implemented a taxonomy but search is still not returning the desired results. What do you do? Taxonomy alone is limited in what it can do. Search alone is also limited. Together, they become much smarter.

2018 176

How to use Net-Map in Monitoring and Evaluation

Net-Map Toolbox

Are you planning or implementing complex projects, that aim at social change? Evaluation facilitation fine-tuning implementation Social Networks technical details How M&E Network Mapping Research Methods What Why

2018 116

Who influences the EU’s green infrastructure strategy?

Net-Map Toolbox

Jennifer Hauck , Jenny Schmidt and Anja Werner analyzed the key actors that influence the implementation of the European Commission’s green infrastructure strategy. The green infrastructure strategy aims at bottom-up rather than top-down implementation, and suggests including local and regional stakeholders. It’s not just about information flow and regulations: Social pressure considerably influences biodiversity governance in Europe.

2018 89

You can use Twitter to get new ideas to do your work in a better way

Joitske Hulsebosch

An idea connector is someone who can assimilate the external ideas and find opportunities within the organization to implement these new concepts Idea scouting So how to scout ideas on Twitter? Would you like to show off at work with great ideas?

2018 151

Why No Lessons Learned Microsoft?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Deployment plans guide you through the business value, planning considerations, implementation steps, and management of Azure AD solutions. Deployment plans include Microsoft recommended best practices, user communications, planning guides, implementation steps, test cases, and more!

2018 116

(Microlearning) tool of the month: Guidiance

Joitske Hulsebosch

Microlearning tools You can implement microlearning with the tools you already have available. Microlearning is a trend in online learning, so the tool of the month is a microlearning tool: Guidiance. Microlearning originated from the idea of learning on the fly, via your mobile.

2018 130

From Changing Tools to Making Progress – Improving Amenability

Michael Sampson - Currents

Implement a very disruptive change that breaks apart the existing setting. In Part 1, I introduced the three slices of the existing setting , and asked how far a change of some defined kind would go when introduced.

2018 116

Moving in a direction

Chris Corrigan

All you have to do is bring in the experts, design a good implementation plan for a good solution and have project managers keep everyone on track, step by step.

2018 80

Hierarchy is the Enemy of Learning

How to Save the World

This has entrenched my realization that hierarchy is the enemy of learning, and that almost all the brilliant ideas that could be instituted in organizations in both the private and public sector never get heard by the people who have the knowledge to appreciate it and the capacity to implement it.

2018 88

AI Use Cases For Communities & Networks

Online Community Strategy

Image Source: Constellation Research 2018 Artificial Intelligence Study. In our first wave of research with 40 Community Professionals at large organizations, we asked what types of advanced technologies they are considering or implementing, including AI and related technologies.

2018 51

A couple of musings on democracy

Chris Corrigan

These projects are easy to design and implement but they require effort and they require local councils to take an interest in what citizens have to say and to provide them with the tools to build the communities they want to live in.

2018 48

How complexity principles can inform participatory process design

Chris Corrigan

But I’d be very interested in your reflections on what you are hearing here, especially as it relates to how we craft, design and deliver participatory processes in the service of strategy, planning and implementation.

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