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Truth in a Post-Truth Age

Jenny Connected

These are the blinkers and silos of our identities which blind us to different points of view. Gandhi’s message was that to see/find truth we must be prepared to hear the other side, but he rejected all claims of objective truths.

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Non-Duality Dude: A One-Act Play

How to Save the World

Our sense of identity and separation is ephemeral, illusory. SEVILLE: The question is, Do you really believe Non-Duality Dude’s message, or do you just want to believe it? I certainly do want to believe the radical non-duality message is true. image from Pixabay, CC0.

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Publishing in open access journals

Jenny Connected

Periodically I receive a message from Taylor and Francis about how often a paper I published with Mariana Funes has been read. This week they sent me the following message: Of course Taylor and Francis can’t know whether or not the article has been read.

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Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

Facebook in engaged in undermining democracy and articles I was reading in 2018 pointed to their intentional and unintentional aiding and abetting behaviour with respect to the elections and democratic engagement. ” I’m not going to reveal the identity of that twitter account.

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