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The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

Jenny Connected

MOOC has been Identity. To answer these questions we have discussed what identity means, digital and otherwise, we have created identity graphs (there are some great examples, see the end of this post) and Stephen Downes, convener of this MOOC, has introduced us to the idea of encryption keys.

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Truth in a Post-Truth Age

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These are the blinkers and silos of our identities which blind us to different points of view. We advance our own truth claims with our own biases and live in echo chambers which are amplified by social media.

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When Inclusion Excludes ….

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This is the title of a new paper, co-authored with Mariana Funes and published today in Learning Media and Technology, by Taylor & Francis Online. Open education aspires to democratize education, promote inclusion and effect change through social justice.

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Consensus and community in the distributed web

Jenny Connected

As of August 2018, about 1000 pages are deleted from Wikipedia each day. HolonIQ, Nov 30, 2018 Though dated last June this market map appeared in my inbox from Holon only today. How Wikipedia dodged public outcry plaguing social media platforms.

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Community network mapping: just get going!

Making CommunitySense

A purpose, however, can also be a much more fuzzy theme , such as “contributing to culture and heritage” (see, for instance, how we used the EU URBACT “urban topics” to map and connect European social innovation iniatives ). Communities and social networks overlap.

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Building “networks of communities” for a civic intelligence movement with impact

Making CommunitySense

A movement that scales, not in the sense of it being a monolithic mob, but consisting of a multitude of communities , each with their own identity, but in federation having real impact. Such linking pins can be social bridges (e.g.

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My experiences of the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC to date

Jenny Connected

It would be a short or long piece about the content, the way it’s being organized, the way the learners did or did not interact with each other or how we reacted in blog posts and on social media. All the other topics have been great, and I particularly enjoyed the week on Identity , and the fact that I was able to enter into some deeper and broader discussions with a few participants about ideas such as ‘betweenness’ , that are of particular interest to me at the moment.

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Publishing in open access journals

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And, yes, sharing the article on social media (as we did when it was first published on Feb 28 2018 ) may well increase the article’s reach. In 2018, this blog post was clicked on 4,070 times.

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Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

Facebook in engaged in undermining democracy and articles I was reading in 2018 pointed to their intentional and unintentional aiding and abetting behaviour with respect to the elections and democratic engagement. Before social media, Web 2.0 was about content creation media.

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