Learning highlights: July-August 2018


Harvest time. It’s way into September now, but I still want to catch some of the highlights of July and August.

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Learning highlights: September 2018


Tech your future festival: planes, drones and fire-fighters. * Building a geodesic dome at the university garden with Sustain (was fun watching Alexander doing that in English). * Excursion Kasteel Hernen and a follow-up: daily life in middle ages, chicken at home and playing quests. Harvesting in the garden, lots of raspberry smoothies, apple pies and still tomatoes and cucumbers.

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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

just did a podcast in which he says: You want to know why the universe is, you’re not going to get a satisfactory answer. The universe just is. That what we perceive as the universe is just an appearance, everything and nothing, at once real and unreal.

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Reflections on PGviz18

Michelle Laurie

The ages ranged from university student to grandmothers. Funny enough, the group had talked about river of life and done a lot of reflection during our group ‘harvesting’ activities. I am inspired. Icon jam with the word feathers.

2018 164

E-Learning 3.0 : Task 2

Jenny Connected

You can do this any time through to the end of the course, so be sure to specify which course module it applies to (if you are not providing a feed to be harvested, you can email the url to me (I’ll be setting up a ‘task submission form’ soon).

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From the feed

Chris Corrigan

And whether the cosmic clock, the evolution of the universe, is connected with the evolution of complexity. Art of Harvesting Art of Hosting Collaboration Cynefin Evaluation Links PhilanthropySome interesting links that caught my eye this week.

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From the feed: More complexity

Chris Corrigan

My friend Ria Baeck has been writing a book for years that combines her thinking about self, source, hosting and theory with harvests from the workshops and conversations she has hosted over the past decade.

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