A video harvest…forever grateful!

Michelle Laurie

Effective meetings Uncategorized #rosviz comms Facilitation graphic facilitation WorkshopsIt’s a challenge to prepare, be the trainer on site and capture what is happening in the room for sharing.

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Reflections on PGviz18

Michelle Laurie

Sometimes a workshop or meeting leaves me feeling better than when I walked in the room and this happened recently at PGviz18 in Prince George. At the same time, others can practice live graphic recording. Live recording of a peer assist, by Theresa Healy. I am inspired.

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Rosviz18 Reflection part 1

Michelle Laurie

We also practiced the art of facilitation itself, along with some live graphic recording or sketch noting. Those who didn’t have the chance to draw live got this after lunch where everyone recorded a live talk! .

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