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Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

Here’s an excellent 8-part explanation of why our economy is so fragile and over-extended, and what it will mean when it collapses beyond the capacity of bankrupt governments to put back together, from economist Mari Werner.

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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

The basic message of radical non-duality is that “all there is, is this”, inexplicable, timeless, eternal, and impossible for the human mind to fathom. The destruction continues under the new NDP government. Cartoon by Hugh Macleod from Gaping Void.

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Links of the Quarter: March 2018

How to Save the World

It’s just a hopeless wishful rant, but its tone of exhaustion and bewilderment is telling: My message, as an aging Gen X-er to millennials and those coming after them, is: Go get us. image via Ulf Parczyk on Jim Newman’s Facebook Page.

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Community and organization intertwine

Learning Alliances

I’ve been thinking about how community and organization are intertwined, especially when they are interdependent like they are in churches, synagogues, or mission-driven organizations like Amnesty International. The formation of a process team that’s focused on governance in Shambhala prompts me to write some of my thoughts down. Messages go through formal, legitimate channels. ” Can gather a community’s message and broadcast it.

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The Agnostic Game

How to Save the World

What appears can take any form, which means that it can appear to evolve according to an apparent set of rules (like the apparent rules that govern evolution). From my readings of his work I am convinced he would be very open to the message of radical non-duality.

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