A Conversation about Community in the Distributed web

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course centred on a Google Hangout discussion between Stephen Downes and Roland Legrand. Roland suggested that we need empathy and openness beyond the facts, because when faced with alternative facts our identities are threatened.

2018 148

Digital badges and the purpose of education

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Stephen shares the draft writing of his weekly summaries in a Google Doc , which is a great example of open practice and the summaries are so very helpful This week he wrote: The traditional educational model is based on tests and assignments, grades, degrees and professional certifications.

2018 148

Links of the Quarter: June 2018

How to Save the World

Time is the form in which we beings whose brains are made up essentially of memory and foresight interact with our world: it is the source of our identity”, he writes. Google promises they don’t upload this information; it’s for your eyes only.

2018 46

My experiences of the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC to date

Jenny Connected

All the other topics have been great, and I particularly enjoyed the week on Identity , and the fact that I was able to enter into some deeper and broader discussions with a few participants about ideas such as ‘betweenness’ , that are of particular interest to me at the moment. Stephen also creates a video at the end of each week as a summary, as well as providing a written summary, which he openly drafts on a Google Doc so that we can each contribute if we wish.

2018 127

How is learning organized in a self-managed organization?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Many are looking for space and opportunities to develop themselves and to deal with difficult job assignments, I read a funny blogpost about a manager of a law firm who googled how he wanted to reorganize his office. I just went to Google and searched for things like: Do you need a management structure? Your dog is also part of your identity :). Every month I read a management book. I am very curious about learning in self-managing organizations. How is this organized?

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