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Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

First, the Economy Collapses: Although climate collapse will finish off our teetering and unsustainable civilization, the inevitable first domino to fall will be the global industrial growth economy. Climate science denier instead of climate skeptic.

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Crafting Research

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His talk was based on a paper they are working on, in which they are exploring the significance of crafting research in business and management, although having heard this talk the ideas presented seem relevant to social sciences research in general. 2018 4th edition).

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If space is a becoming what kind of spaces do we need for learning?

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It will be interesting to see if they are followed through in the next conference in Zagreb, Croatia, 2018, and how much our thinking and ideas will have moved on. MIT Press. 2016) Posthumanism and the MOOC: Contaminating the Subject of Global Education. London: Continuum Press.

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