Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

When It’s Too Late to Stop Fascism: A retelling of the rise of Nazism in Germany is chillingly similar to current events in the US. Cartoon by Hugh Macleod from Gaping Void. P hysicist Sean Carroll, a leading-edge thinker and researcher on quantum mechanics and astrophysics.

2018 59

Markers – ready!

Michelle Laurie

The refillable marker was also an incentive given the cost of buying these markers (they are imported from Germany). It’s always fun getting ready to host a graphic facilitation workshop and I have one coming up Aug 15-16 in Prince George (a few spaces left in case you are keen).

2018 130

Four Strategies for Transformation

Networking Action

Two cases are presented to illustrate the strategies: marriage equality (same-sex marriage) in the US and the energy transition in Germany. Four distinct strategies undertaken to realize transformation are described in a new article in Stanford Social Innovation Review. … Net Dev

2018 116