E-Learning 3.0: Cloud Computing

Jenny Connected

You are benefiting from cloud solutions every time you send a file to your colleague via the web, use a mobile app, download an image, binge a Netflix show, or play an online video game. Whilst I appreciate that he is way ahead of the game in the work he is doing on Cloud Computing, it turned out that the gap between his technical understanding and mine was, for the most part, just too great to bridge. Cloud Adoption Strategy: 2018 update .

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You can stimulate curiosity for self directed learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

Strategies to satisfy curiosity: overview and from easy to difficult Jacqueline Gottlieb has researched the strategies of the brain to satisfy curiosity through open exploration. 52 people were asked to choose a short computer game to play.

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Confessions of a Super Fan

Community Guy

We all have a passion, whether it’s for cooking, supporting a sports team, restoring cars, or watching Game of Thrones every week.

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Confessions of a Super Fan

Community Guy

We all have a passion, whether it’s for cooking, supporting a sports team, restoring cars, or watching Game of Thrones every week.

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Identifying Dark Data in non-OCR’d Images

Michael Sampson - Currents

It’s going to be incredibly interesting to see how militant its enforcers play the game. One law firm in Sweden is doing something about its storage of such content: Delphi, one of Sweden’s top commercial law firms, has chosen DocsCorp’s contentCrawler as part of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance strategy. The new European data protection legislation goes into effect next Friday.

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SharePoint Swoop – The Intranet Makeover Show

Michael Sampson - Currents

It is also the Facilitated Group Re-Imagining strategy in one of my other books – User Adoption Strategies. The need for bringing the innovation of what’s possible based on cloud-delivered services to people and teams is the new game. Microsoft published Season 1 of SharePoint Swoop: The Intranet Makeover Show , where three well-known MVPs swoop into an organisation for three days and make some SharePoint and Office 365 magic happen.

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Dealing with resistance and difficulties


We use several strategies to address those challenges: Decouple practices for developing persuasion with routine or boring tasks from “difficult” domains. Create opportunities to practice tasks that require automatisation in playful and engaging way , through meaningful activities, board games, computer programs and free play. This is something that was in drafts for a while and I hesitated about publishing it – it is personal and about difficult things.

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Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

I’ve been called back home early to deal with a broken pipe and a small flood in my house, but before I left I was beginning to think about how to apply what I was learning with respect to strategy and evaluation practices.

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From the feed

Chris Corrigan

Since he died earlier this year I’ve missed seeing his poetic and playful blog posts about games and fun. There are rumors that some strategies actually work. Unless, of course, the players know what those strategies are. Some interesting links that caught my eye this week.

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Collapse Watch

How to Save the World

Suppose I asked you to play a game. The object of the game is to ensure every player has at least one marble at all times, and the “winner” of the game is the one with the most marbles when the game ends — ie when the jar runs out.

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