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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

For example, she offers simple-to-prepare vegan recipes that hit all of Michael’s “daily dozen” And if you’re in the mood for Southern vegan cooking with a little spice, another smart vegan chef on YouTube, Jenné Claiborne, offers tips for going (truly) vegan painlessly.

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Visiting Rome with a Wheelchair User

Jenny Connected

The bedroom must be big enough for a wheelchair and the bathroom must be wheelchair friendly. In particular the corridors were very narrow, the lift was tiny, the bar was up some steps, and our bathroom was right on the edge of being wheelchair friendly.

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Unschooling myself: traces through time


Now, with a school for Alexander as a feasible option , it is very much about relations with external organisational structures and capability to be yourself independently of their boundaries and demands. Some of this stuff is pretty personal and I write about it in friends-only LJ, but there are enough “tips of the iceberg” visible here as well. Not back to school insights , August 2016. Dealing with resistance and difficulties , September 2018.

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