E-Learning 3.0 Task 1 completed!

Jenny Connected

My second reaction was to offload onto a long-suffering friend, by sending a long moan/rant by email. My friend persuaded me that the task might not be as bad as I thought. In the E-learning 3.0

2018 139

How not to thank your customers

Community Guy

Navigating the difficult social norms and communication methods of human interaction. . But rather than just say “thank you”, we’d like to extend a unique offer to you and your friends. Sometimes being a human is tough. Getting through the day with a enough sleep.

2018 116

Smartphones use outside work hours cause exhaustion: the case against mobile learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch

The norm is becoming that individuals should be available to others anytime and anyplace. You can only do one thing at the time, hence engaging in smartphone activities often implies not being their with your attention for your family or friends.

2018 130

Homeschooling over time


Once the choice is made the need for acceptance and like-minded people becomes very strong: at the beginning the stress from explaining and defending “deviation from the norm” is very high and it helps a lot to be with people who share your views. Friends are found, choices made, routines are working. I keep on thinking how needs of a homeschooling family change over time. No data-based generalisations here, just observations.

2018 89