Open Educational Resources and the Distributed Web

Jenny Connected

In the traditional model the server is in the middle (see image below), but in this new model, a network of servers is geographically distributed, meaning that when you click on a website you will get content from the local server; it will be accessible from the nearest convenient source.

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Creativity and experience on the distributed web

Jenny Connected

Just last week a friend was running a management game for a group of MSc students. Content distribution networks and live streaming are transforming real-world events into hands-on learning experiences. The topic for the penultimate week in the E-Learning 3.0

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E-Learning 3.0 : Identity Graphs

Jenny Connected

In the event, it became obvious that not only is it possible to create the graph without referring to me, but also that doing this clearly demonstrates that knowledge of my identity is in the network rather than any specific node. We are now in the fourth week of this E-Learning 3.0

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Facebook Eavesdropping Patent and Congress Questions

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

And if your friends are around you (the term voice waveform fingerprint seems to be voice mapping). yeah turn off location tracking, go to the pub with friends, and presto, your location is tracked. Asking for a friend.

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How to use Net-Map in Monitoring and Evaluation

Net-Map Toolbox

Or maybe connecting people to opportunities or strengthening the networks of the people you work with is an explicit goal of your work? If you don’t know how the networks looked before you started, how much can you learn from a snapshot, just one point in time?

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Links of the Quarter: June 2018

How to Save the World

multimedia reprocessed/washed/painted photo produced by my friend Ron Woodall. photo by Ian Nelson of Hanalei Bay, Kaua’i after the April 2018 floods, which swept away some livestock fences and introduced some species to some novel ecosystems.

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Study Beyond Your Industry

Michael Sampson - Currents

What could you learn from an operations manager at Schipol Airport, or an analyst at HSBC, or the man who schedules the trains for Network Rail or the process guy at the Department for Education? Friends in a different industry. Colleagues of friends.

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Networking to Find Better Work

How to Save the World

Orville explains that the easiest (at least psychologically) and most effective way to find work with a desired employer is through networking. This means most of your energies will be spent on networking activities often with no immediate obvious payback, rather than those other methods.

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How Our Bodies Sense the World, and How ‘We’ Misinterpret It

How to Save the World

Hearing follows a bit later, so that the infant will immediately be able to recognize voices as mother, friend or stranger, not as words, but as tones — safe or dangerous, reassuring or alarming — and react accordingly.

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Boston E20 Notes: Got Numbers? Community Metrics and Analysis

Portals and KM

Here is the session description for the workshop: “For anyone working in community management, you’re well aware it’s not all about sitting on social networks all day chatting it up. Jillian said numbers are your friends, but data analysts are needed. There will be 190,000 data analysts needed by 2018. I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. Here is a link to a summary of last year’s notes. This is another of my notes for this year.

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