Smartphones use outside work hours cause exhaustion: the case against mobile learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch

We talked about the storm on Thursday which caused the complete halt of the train system in the Netherlands. Bakker Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Last Friday I had a dinner with 3 colleagues, our yearly dinner.

2018 130

Evidence of a friendship


A friend from Moscow, who was coming to our house to celebrate my birthday with me was refused a visum. May be we should be smart and write an exciting tourist program for her in the Netherlands.

2018 116

Fluid structures: a climbing frame


Our house in the Netherlands was no different and for many years we had a small scale climbing structure ( Early start ) in the middle of our living room, used extensively for physical activities, lounging and playing. When the kids grew out of it, I sold it to a friend with a newborn and promised to the kids that we will create something similar that can grow with them further.

2018 89