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Learning highlights: July-August 2018


Slowing up with homeschooling Thursdays: instead of the weekly meetings with the others, we did just a couple of things, traditional blueberry picking and swimming event, robot-making workshop and a camping on a farm of homeschooling friends.

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Smartphones use outside work hours cause exhaustion: the case against mobile learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch

We talked about the storm on Thursday which caused the complete halt of the train system in the Netherlands. You can only do one thing at the time, hence engaging in smartphone activities often implies not being their with your attention for your family or friends.

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Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

My own thinking on this topic has largely been informed by the work I’ve done over thirty years at the intersection between indigenous and non-indigenous communities and people in Canada. As my friend Tuesday Ryan-Hart says, “relationship is the result.”

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