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E-Learning 3.0 : Identity Graphs

Jenny Connected

We are now in the fourth week of this E-Learning 3.0 The task for this week is to create an Identity Graph, which Stephen Downes (convener of this course) has outlined as follows: Identity – Create an Identity Graph. Is your graph unique to you? e-learning 3.0

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Failing to Create a Content Addressed Resource for the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC

Jenny Connected

Montaigne’s opening words in his essay ‘Of Books’, seem so apposite to my experience of trying to engage with the task of creating a content-addressed resource for this week’s E-Learning 3.0 I quote them here to serve as a disclaimer for all that is to follow.

2018 139

E-Learning 3.0 Task 1 completed!

Jenny Connected

In the E-learning 3.0 MOOC being run by Stephen Downes, we have been given two tasks to choose from for this week. To get a badge you’ll need to show you’ve done this, maybe by writing a blog post). Quick (13 minutes) description of how to use the E-Learning 3.0

2018 139

Open Educational Resources and the Distributed Web

Jenny Connected

In this video, posted for the fifth week of the E-Learning 3.0 Being open in such a society means being accepting of other people and being willing to share. We are forced to think about the words that are used; they can either block us or liberate us. e-learning 3.0

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How to use Net-Map in Monitoring and Evaluation

Net-Map Toolbox

Are you wondering how innovations spread through a given social system? Or maybe connecting people to opportunities or strengthening the networks of the people you work with is an explicit goal of your work? Don’t just hang out with your friends and group-think.

2018 116

Talking about dying

Jenny Connected

This month the Royal College of Physicians has published a report bearing the title ‘ Talking about dying: How to begin honest conversations about what lies ahead’ . There is a concern that doctors and other healthcare professionals find it hard to talk to patients about dying.

2018 177

Smartphones use outside work hours cause exhaustion: the case against mobile learning?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I was part of a group which exchanged via a Whatsapp group whether to cancel our dinner. The group had such a flurry of messages which made me feel very unproductive in my work because I had my smartphone lying next to my laptop, and every time I looked at the new messages.

2018 130

Links of the Quarter: March 2018

How to Save the World

And there’s no one to blame for that; we’re all doing our best — yes, even him ! How can you not get that? A Plea to Millennials: Tim Kreider pleads with America’s young people to fix everything that previous generations broke.

2018 46

Several Short Sentences About… Bats

How to Save the World

Bats have larger brains than most birds and other creatures of their size; that’s due to an evolutionary anomaly: bat bodies evolved to be progressively smaller to better fit ecological niches, while their brains stayed the same size. How the World Really Works

2018 74

May I Ask a Question?

How to Save the World

M y friend Ben Collver recently loaned me a book called A More Beautiful Question , by Warren Berger, that arose from some ideas in Warren’s blog. The responses to them achieve one or more of the six Benefits listed below. What do we need to find out? How might we…

2018 63

June in review


The whirlpool of transitional events and general “end of spring travel crazyness” seem to be quieting down and now it’s time to start setting in a new rhythm while enjoying the things that do not change (the berry harvest from the garden is pretty stable although which berries are there change. Nancy’s visit, with fun, personal conversations and a good reason to meet with Aldo, Elmine and Ton after a long break.

2018 89

Homeschooling over time


I keep on thinking how needs of a homeschooling family change over time. Finding people, who made the choice, and figuring out how to fit it in in the own circumstances. Once the choice is made the need for acceptance and like-minded people becomes very strong: at the beginning the stress from explaining and defending “deviation from the norm” is very high and it helps a lot to be with people who share your views. Curious to see what it brings.

2018 89

Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

I was happy to be able to spend a short time this week at a gathering of Art of Hosting practitioners in Columbus, Ohio. People had gathered from across North America and further afield to discuss issues of racial equity in hosting and harvesting practices. Truth is hard to hear.

2018 83

Letter of Termination

How to Save the World

Dear Powers That Be Consortium: This is to inform you that the services your organizations have been providing to us, as our agents, no longer meet our needs, and we are terminating our agreement (the Industrial Civilization Management Agreement ) with you and will in future provide the needed services directly ourselves. They have lied to us. They have not uphold the laws designed to protect us or our environment, and have instituted laws that do the opposite.

2018 63

True Story

How to Save the World

Took you in to lend a hand, and how you took him for a spin. And that money you saved you stole from him… Tell me the true story, of how you yelled at your Mom and Dad. What compelled me to attend this meeting? Cartoon from poorlydrawnlines.

2018 51

Networking to Find Better Work

How to Save the World

I’m retired, and hoping I won’t ever have to return to the work world, but I know most of the world doesn’t have that luxury, and many aren’t happy with the work they are doing as employees, freelancers or contractors (or they are unemployed, or unhappily self-employed).

2018 46

Unschooling myself: traces through time


Something I find amazing every time I experience it – how unschooling as an educational choice for the kids turns to be a personal learning trajectory for us, as parents. Over the years it made me face my worst fears and imperfections, to see and accept things as they are and to learn from that point. Since I went back to look at the traces of it anyway, I put a selection on links and quotes here as well.

2019 89

Boston E20 Notes: Got Numbers? Community Metrics and Analysis

Portals and KM

I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 Here is a link to a summary of last year’s notes. There will be more to follow. Users and sometimes even our own co-workers are shocked to find out we are the ones pulling massive reports and trying to make sense of millions of data points. This session will help guide you through some of the actual practices of putting numbers to work. Jillian said numbers are your friends, but data analysts are needed.

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Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

There’s been an astonishing increase in extreme weather events and climate anomalies, attesting to the rapid and unpredictable destabilization of our global climate. Not much else to say. Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?:

2017 61