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Learning highlights: September 2018


A trip to Den Haag: English, pinquins and catching up with old-time friends. Surfing and wind at NBTSP-Zuid and exploring Archeon. * Sallandse Heuvelrug at NBTSP-Oost: enjoying the forest and makeshift clothes for Emily after she fell into the water. * Wowlab workshop , fourth from a series of making a board game: reflection on the process that didn’t go as far as we envisioned it, hard work in groups and fishing for plastic in the pond.

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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

Vegan Cooking, Caribbean Style: Rachel Ama should get a gig writing recipes for, since her videos and recipes reflect the wisdom of Michael Greger’s scientific nutrition research. Meanwhile, my friend Khelsilem insists the project will not go ahead.

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Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

People had gathered from across North America and further afield to discuss issues of racial equity in hosting and harvesting practices. But from this reflection, perhaps I can offer my own cursory principles of disrupting evaluation to build more racial equity into the work I do.

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Short time, World Cafe to the rescue

Chris Corrigan

Helping a friend with a design challenge today. Instead I advised him to use a World Cafe for reflection process to produce the elements of a shared vision. Ask them to reflect and agree on three things they heard commonly across all conversations.

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