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June in review


The whirlpool of transitional events and general “end of spring travel crazyness” seem to be quieting down and now it’s time to start setting in a new rhythm while enjoying the things that do not change (the berry harvest from the garden is pretty stable although which berries are there change. Honeyberries, (wild) strawberries, shadbush berries harvest with lots of “put in the ground everything that you want to live” work in between.

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Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

People had gathered from across North America and further afield to discuss issues of racial equity in hosting and harvesting practices. I have seen many examples of these stories over the years: An orderly sequence of steps will get you to your goal.

2018 83

Short time, World Cafe to the rescue

Chris Corrigan

Helping a friend with a design challenge today. To harvest, your ask anyone to read out one of their post it notes. The goal of the process is to get clusters. He is running a small group process at the end of a day of presentations about energy futures in a small community.

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