Learning highlights: September 2018


A trip to Den Haag: English, pinquins and catching up with old-time friends. Surfing and wind at NBTSP-Zuid and exploring Archeon. * Sallandse Heuvelrug at NBTSP-Oost: enjoying the forest and makeshift clothes for Emily after she fell into the water. * Wowlab workshop , fourth from a series of making a board game: reflection on the process that didn’t go as far as we envisioned it, hard work in groups and fishing for plastic in the pond.

2018 89

Creativity and experience on the distributed web

Jenny Connected

Just last week a friend was running a management game for a group of MSc students. The game takes a week to complete. The topic for the penultimate week in the E-Learning 3.0

2018 148

The Agnostic Game

How to Save the World

This little guy, unlike ‘us’, is completely immersed in the game of life; while he thinks and feels and senses, he takes nothing personally. A ll my life I have loved games — playing them, inventing them, even watching them. That metaphor is life as a game , à la Conway.

2018 54

Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

As my friend Tuesday Ryan-Hart says, “relationship is the result.” I was happy to be able to spend a short time this week at a gathering of Art of Hosting practitioners in Columbus, Ohio.

2018 83