Identity graphs as a ‘source of truth’

Jenny Connected

Canada’s Digital Economy Relies on a Foundation of Digital Identity – [link]. Week 4 on Identity in Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0 MOOC has come to an end. It was another very interesting week.

2018 148

E-Learning 3.0 : Identity Graphs

Jenny Connected

It reminded me of the introductory task that was set on Etienne Wenger’s online course Foundations of Communities of Practice that he ran with John Smith and Bron Stuckey in 2008. We are now in the fourth week of this E-Learning 3.0 open course/MOOC.

2018 148

Social Media Strategist Jobs: Twitter Sydney Australia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

They want people with a journalism background – it’s a new style of journalism, the old ways are a good foundation. I used to do “social media job of the week” but haven’t for years. Anywhos. Want to work for Twitter? Head of Curation, APAC (Tokyo & Sydney) . The Twitter Moments’ feature showcases the best of the stories unfolding live on Twitter.

2018 109

Slinging Mud

Michael Sampson - Currents

” I have spent the better part of the last decade in research and writing mode to create a strong foundation to help adoption strategists and adoption managers practice their craft better.

2018 127

Towards the idea that complexity IS a theory of change

Chris Corrigan

Working with foundations to change their grant forms is hugely rewarding, but it needs to be supported with change theory literacy at the more powerful levels of the organization and with those who are making granting decisions.

2018 102

Beat the Conference Blahs

Partnering Resources

Several speakers share knowledge at the beginning of the day to whet people’s thinking and lay a foundation for conversation. It’s Day Two of the convention and my body aches from sitting in one place for so long. I’ve heard experts tell me what to do and how to do it.

2018 130

Re-Imagining a System for Health and Safety

Michael Sampson - Currents

Implication: Introducing new people and new ideas increases uncertainty, and therefore lays the foundation for doing something different. The construction division at one of my clients used a health and safety database.

2018 116

A simple way to explore the Four Fold Practice of the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

The Art of Hosting is predicated on a very simple set of practices which we call the Four Fold Practice. This framework emerged from a conversation in the late 1990s between Toke Moeller, Monica Nissen, Carsten Ohm and Jan-Hein Nillson about what patterns make for a meaningful conversation.

2018 61

Homeschooling over time


Foundation is there and the big question is what exactly are you building there. I keep on thinking how needs of a homeschooling family change over time. No data-based generalisations here, just observations. In the beginning it’s all about role-models and information. Finding people, who made the choice, and figuring out how to fit it in in the own circumstances. Vision (why and what) and boundary conditions.

2018 89

Tuesday Ryan-Hart’s work on power

Chris Corrigan

So I offer this reflection this morning to remind us that the practice of “calling out” has it’s place, to shake the foundations and remind us of the important truths of difference. Since October 2011, when I first lay on the floor and listened to Tuesday Ryan-Hart teach at the Art of Social Justice in New York held thirty-five blocks from where Occupy Wall Street was just getting started, I have been intrigued, challenged and enamoured by her work on these issues.

2018 45

How Would We Behave Without ‘Selves’?

How to Save the World

It’s equally useless as the foundation of a philosophy or religion. image: from Martijn Meijerink on, cc0.

2018 48

Collapse Watch

How to Save the World

I t’s been a while since I posted about the collapse of our industrial civilization. Background is here if you’re interested in my take on how it will occur, due to the interconnection between our global economic and energy systems and the planet’s vulnerable ecology.

2018 46

Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: apologize — to lay the foundation for a future offence. please — to lay the foundation for a superstructure of imposition.

2017 55