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Rosviz18 reflection part 2

Michelle Laurie

See below for a second reflective guest blog from Lisa Theissen, social reporter at Rosviz18: “I’ve been mulling over our time together, and thinking about my own Harvest from the point of view of Social Reporter.

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Reflections on PGviz18

Michelle Laurie

The place was bustling with activity intended to bring families together and support their educational goals. This was a fitting place for our circle discussions which focused on facilitation techniques but also deeper societal issues. I am inspired. Icon jam with the word feathers.

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Short time, World Cafe to the rescue

Chris Corrigan

To harvest, your ask anyone to read out one of their post it notes. The goal of the process is to get clusters. Conversation Facilitation Featured World CafeHelping a friend with a design challenge today.

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How complexity principles can inform participatory process design

Chris Corrigan

Yesterday I was teaching an Art of Hosting here in Calgary, where we were looking at Cynefin and then followed with a discussion about how the nature of complex systems compels us to make important design choices when we are facilitating participatory processes to do work in organizations.

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