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Struggling to pick up the trash in the face of weaponized evaluation

Chris Corrigan

Likewise on the corporate side a singular focus on shareholder return and the pursuit of capital friendly jurisdictions with low tax rates and low wages means that corporations can reap economic benefits without any responsibility for the social effects of their policy influence. I’ll be running an online course in the winter with Beehive Productions where we look at evaluation from the perspective of facilitators and leaders of social change. Democracy Evaluation Featured

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From the feed: More complexity

Chris Corrigan

Evaluation and complexity – lesson from 5 big evaluations in the UK. Here’s a piece he wrote reviewing his work with complexity and evaluation, starting with the question: ““When is understanding complexity important for evaluation?” .

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Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: T he events of the last three months have made it increasingly clear that we’re well into the first wave of global industrial civilization’s collapse.

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