Senior Social Media Professional Training – August 2018

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

AUGUST 27TH-29TH 2018 SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP, SYDNEY Australia. Are you looking for an intensive social media strategy and campaign course in Sydney Australia with hands on practical setting up of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools?

2018 130

Adaptive Strategy Development

Full Circle Associates

With a set of Liberating Structures we can create a more adaptive and actionable strategy for project design and development that contextualizes the plan into a fuller picture of the landscape within which it operates.

2018 71

Consensus and community in the distributed web

Jenny Connected

According to Wikipedia’s own site an average of 561 new articles are written every day and Wikipedia develops at a rate of over 1.8 As of August 2018, about 1000 pages are deleted from Wikipedia each day. ” Wiki Strategies. The topic for this week in the E-Learning 3.0

2018 166

E-Learning 3.0: Cloud Computing

Jenny Connected

Conversation With Tony Hirst Oct 31, 2018 video We covered server virtualization with an in-depth look at using Docker to launch full web applications in just a few moments, and then looked at embedded programs in Jupyter notebooks, tying it all together with a discussion of how these might be used in the future. Cloud Adoption Strategy: 2018 update . The second topic in Stephen Downes’ E-Learning 3.0

Cloud 140

Adaptive Strategy Development

Full Circle Associates

With a set of Liberating Structures we can create a more adaptive and actionable strategy for project design and development that contextualizes the plan into a fuller picture of the landscape within which it operates. This is a very belated follow up … Continue reading Adaptive Strategy Development. Introduction Designing in complex and emergent contexts challenges the traditional log frame approach.

2018 40

You can stimulate curiosity for self directed learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

At the same time, there is a group of lecturers who seem to invest less in their own professional development. It raises (again) the question whether every professional has an intrinsic motivation to develop and learn.

2018 169

Who influences the EU’s green infrastructure strategy?

Net-Map Toolbox

Jennifer Hauck , Jenny Schmidt and Anja Werner analyzed the key actors that influence the implementation of the European Commission’s green infrastructure strategy. ABSTRACT: ” In 2013 the European Commission launched its new green infrastructure strategy to make another attempt to stop and possibly reverse the loss of biodiversity until 2020, by connecting habitats in the wider landscape.

2018 89

Confessions of a Super Fan

Community Guy

But there is a fine balance that you must seek in your strategy and in your management to create a positive environment where leadership was clear, but based in a type of partnership.

2018 116

Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation: Recap of CMX Online Workshop

Online Community Strategy

This is a short post to recap the online workshop I did with David Spinks of CMX about developing Collaborative Innovation Communities. I’ve developed a workshop to help organizations learn about, ideate on and plan their Collaborative Innovation strategy.

2018 46

Slinging Mud

Michael Sampson - Currents

I was talking with a colleague last week, and asked about a recent learning and development program on change management he attended. After I wrote my book on adoption strategies, I fielded a similar question in workshops and consulting engagements.

2018 127

Use Binoculars, Not a Magnifying Glass

Michael Sampson - Currents

Scientists in different fields embrace one or the other, developing the ability to use their selected tool to see with incredible detail or over an incredible distance. What the leaders in your organisation are saying about strategy, intent, competitor forces and market changes.

2018 127

Dealing with resistance and difficulties


We use several strategies to address those challenges: Decouple practices for developing persuasion with routine or boring tasks from “difficult” domains. Provide opportunities to take end-responsibility and develop ownership of a task (e.g. This is something that was in drafts for a while and I hesitated about publishing it – it is personal and about difficult things.

2018 109

Towards the idea that complexity IS a theory of change

Chris Corrigan

In a road safety initiative this will direct you towards a monitoring strategy and towards context specific actions for certain places that are more unsafe than others. That may be one strategy, and in certain places that might be how you do it.

2018 102

Maintain and Step Up

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Stages of Change model I reference in User Adoption Strategies has a final stage called “maintenance.” To embrace continuous improvement is to develop the skill to stay on the step you’re currently on, but also to look towards the requirements of the next step.

2018 116

Sizing the Community Opportunity for B2B

Online Community Strategy

When developing or refining a community strategy, it is critical to understand the larger market and business contexts the community will exist in. Yet the needed research, discussion and development of shared understanding of these contexts rarely happens.

2018 46

Several Short Sentences About… Bats

How to Save the World

The sonar and radar used in human society (and many technologies developed to help humans with impaired sight) are based directly on the study of bats’, though bat echolocation is vastly more complex, subtle, organic and sensitive than the human adaptations. fruit bat, from wikimedia.

2018 74

Working with principles: some thoughts and an exercise

Chris Corrigan

I’m continuing to refine my understanding of the role and usefulness of principles in evaluation, strategy and complex project design. Last week in Montreal with Bronagh Gallagher, we taught a bit about principles-based evaluation as part of our course on working with complexity.

2018 87

Principles focused evaluation and racial equity

Chris Corrigan

I’ve been called back home early to deal with a broken pipe and a small flood in my house, but before I left I was beginning to think about how to apply what I was learning with respect to strategy and evaluation practices.

2018 83

Remoteness as a colonization strategy

Chris Corrigan

This same strategy – of decentering a culture and a world – happened on the west coast of Canada too. I’ve been enjoying reading Adam Nicolson’s book “Sea Room” about the Shiant Islands in the Hebrides.

2018 46

From the feed

Chris Corrigan

Developing Human Capital: Moving from Extraction to Reciprocity in Our Organizational Relationships. ” Building an Innovation Strategy from Cultural Insights. Thinking of resuming a weekly round up of links that have come through my feed in one way or another.

2018 51

Liberating Structures in Higher Ed: Vancouver 2018

Full Circle Associates

Here are the details: Liberating Structures are a collection of powerful facilitation strategies that can be used in our classrooms, everyday meetings, strategic planning sessions, workshops, presentations, etc.

2018 70

The pithiest description of strategy in complexity you’ll ever need

Chris Corrigan

Mark O Sullivan is a soccer coach in Sweden who does remarkable work using complexity theory, learning theory and cognitive science to develop youth footballers at AIK. Yesterday he shared a twee t that simply and directly captures everything you need to internalize and learn about working in complexity. Complicated machine-like systems follow 1 path to achieve a specific end are predictable and vulnerable.

2018 35

Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

From 2013-2015, I was the project leader for developing the initial demonstrator of this KnowledgeCloud. In March 2018, we conducted a mapping experiment with around 35 librarians of the Prague public library. Another experiment took place in Brno in October 2018.

2019 207

Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: T he events of the last three months have made it increasingly clear that we’re well into the first wave of global industrial civilization’s collapse.

2017 60