Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

Climate science denier instead of climate skeptic. ” DJ Earworm Does It Again: The mashup master compiles the top 25 songs of 2018 into one blockbuster song/video , which is a lot better than any of the mostly mediocre derivative songs that make it up.

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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

Elections Don’t Make Democracy: Our world is holding more elections but is simultaneously becoming less democratic. Cartoon by Hugh Macleod from Gaping Void. P hysicist Sean Carroll, a leading-edge thinker and researcher on quantum mechanics and astrophysics.

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Struggling to pick up the trash in the face of weaponized evaluation

Chris Corrigan

The battle now, especially now that science itself is under attack, is to make these research methods widely understood and effective in not simply evaluating the work of the plural sector but also shunting a light on the clear patterns at play in our economic system. Democracy Evaluation FeaturedMost of my work lies with the organizations of what Henry Mintzberg calls “The plural sector.”

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