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The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

Jenny Connected

The “quantified self” will give way to the “qualified self” and ultimately to the “connected self” as we begin to define ourselves not merely by simple measures of ethnicity, language, religion and culture, but through thousands of shared experiences, affinities, and inclinations.

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Badges are not sufficient

Jenny Connected

They only mentioned badges briefly, but the task for participants this week has been to create a badge – see my last post. But with activity data we can begin tracking things like which resources a person reads, who they spoke to, and what questions they asked.

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Backlash Against Group Chat

Michael Sampson - Currents

It is very easy to lose track of the essence of a conversation, and become caught in the vortex of apparent urgency. Culture & Competency Microsoft Office 365 Tools & Technologies

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Skills for ‘Being’ in a Digital Age

Jenny Connected

George tells us that learners (humans) need to learn how to participate in this and that this will be through ‘Being skills’ which, as yet, machines can’t succeed at. Throughout his various projects, of which there are too many to track, he focuses on education’s potential to develop the capabilities that make humans unique. For McGilchrist the answer is to create a different world and change our culture.

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How to Save the World

Many thanks to Rita and Jim and the organizers and participants who made it so thought-provoking, and such fun. Our Culture / Ourselvescartoon by the late, wonderful Charles Barsotti.

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Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

I had a few reasons for wanting to take a break: Facebook was a huge time waster, and earlier last year I deleted the app from my phone ( it and Messenger and Instagram track your life your life and serve you ads based on what you’ve been doing ).

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