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Mother tongue and identity


Still, for many of us, our mother tongue is bound up with our deeper identity, our memories and sense of self. The article, Can you lose your native language? , is about language attrition, but my brain picks up this piece, because it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot recently. Across cultures language learning NL

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The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

Jenny Connected

MOOC has been Identity. To answer these questions we have discussed what identity means, digital and otherwise, we have created identity graphs (there are some great examples, see the end of this post) and Stephen Downes, convener of this MOOC, has introduced us to the idea of encryption keys.

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Links of the Quarter: June 2018

How to Save the World

Time is the form in which we beings whose brains are made up essentially of memory and foresight interact with our world: it is the source of our identity”, he writes. The musical duo Anna and Elizabeth do a bit of cultural anthropology, in two-part harmony.

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Cultural Acedia: When We Can No Longer Care

How to Save the World

All civilizations end, and a study of them shows that there are usually two precursors to their collapse: widespread cultural acedia , and then a period of chaos. This is cultural acedia. Our Culture / Ourselves Preparing for Civilization's End

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Non-Duality Dude: A One-Act Play

How to Save the World

Our sense of identity and separation is ephemeral, illusory. The apparent character or body continues to behave seemingly exactly as it did before, based on its embodied and cultural conditioning. Do you think tribal cultures at some point were free of selves?

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How Would We Behave Without ‘Selves’?

How to Save the World

To our surprise, they don’t look or act at all like the vestigial 20th century indigenous communities untouched by civilization culture that we have studied. True, they do have extensive ornamentation over their bodies and in their hair, which is likely a way of expressing their culture.

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Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: When we live in an insane culture, we should not be surprised at what it wreaks.

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