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Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

There is no one, no time or space, no causality or agency, no life or death, no purpose or meaning. If not, what conclusions must we draw about our lives and our futures? Vollmann’s meager wish is for future readers to appreciate that they would have made the same mistakes we have.

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Security, identity, voice, opportunity and agency on the distributed web

Jenny Connected

Looking up definitions of the word agency reveals explanations related to business and organisations, but a search for agency in education resulted in the following two definitions: Agency is the capacity and propensity to take purposeful initiative—the opposite of helplessness.

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Links of the Quarter: September 2018

How to Save the World

That there is no time, space, purpose or meaning, no thing apart. For the Rich, the Future of Technology is About Escape: So says Douglas Rushkoff, who was recently wined and dined by a billionaires group. Cartoon by Hugh Macleod from Gaping Void.

2018 59

The Quantified, Qualified and Connected Self

Jenny Connected

The “quantified self” will give way to the “qualified self” and ultimately to the “connected self” as we begin to define ourselves not merely by simple measures of ethnicity, language, religion and culture, but through thousands of shared experiences, affinities, and inclinations.

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Cultural Acedia: When We Can No Longer Care

How to Save the World

All civilizations end, and a study of them shows that there are usually two precursors to their collapse: widespread cultural acedia , and then a period of chaos. This is cultural acedia. the need for meaning and purpose in one’s life, including meaningful work.

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Links of the Quarter: March 2018

How to Save the World

Rotten: Td0s writes about our culture’s unwillingness to do things well, and to pay to maintain the infrastructure we build and depend on : Doing something well, making something that will last, is not prized in this culture. Is Civilization a Wetiko Culture?:

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Beat the Conference Blahs

Partnering Resources

When one hundred employees descended on a nondescript hotel in central Massachusetts, they came for a two-day conference on the future of their organization. They’re a great tool, but only when used for a purpose that suits their strengths.

2018 130

May I Ask a Question?

How to Save the World

What would you most like to know about your true self, or about your future? Our Culture / Ourselves Working SmarterImage from pixabay by Dean Moriarty, CC0.

2018 63

The Agnostic Game

How to Save the World

Students of such systems began to think of the evolution of the universe and of life on Earth as a type of game, and began to speculate on whether or not this game had a ‘purpose’ or not, with spiritualists and agnostics taking opposing sides.

2018 54

Non-Duality Dude: A One-Act Play

How to Save the World

This sense-making by separate selves entails the creation, as part of the representation of reality, of the ideas of space and time (here and now and elsewhere and past and future). Do you think tribal cultures at some point were free of selves? image from Pixabay, CC0.

2018 57

How Our Bodies Sense the World, and How ‘We’ Misinterpret It

How to Save the World

In order to properly categorize memories usefully towards the exercise of this new apparent self’s free will, a mechanism called ‘time’ had to be invented, along with the concepts of past, present and future. Creative Works Our Culture / Ourselves

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How to Save the World

You come to believe in your capacity to shape your life, and that it has a trajectory and a purpose and a meaning, that it and everything has a beginning and end, a ‘progressing’ ever forward in time, only to smash into the bitter rocks of death just as wisdom is dawning.

2018 51

Plus Ça Change

How to Save the World

A figment of our imaginations, though one widely shared and (as Einstein said) “very convincing” If there is no time, no past or future, and most of all no “now”, there can be no change, which has to happen ‘over’ time. Our Culture / Ourselves

2018 46

Liberating Structures in Higher Ed: Vancouver 2018

Full Circle Associates

Source: » Liberating Structures 2017 Image by Tracy Kelly As I noted in yesterday’s post, I’m heading up to Vancouver to co-host a couple of workshops.

2018 70

Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

Will the Crash of 2018 Be the First Stage of Civilization’s Collapse?: When we live in an insane culture, we should not be surprised at what it wreaks. apologize — to lay the foundation for a future offence.

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