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Links of the Quarter: March 2018

How to Save the World

Rotten: Td0s writes about our culture’s unwillingness to do things well, and to pay to maintain the infrastructure we build and depend on : Doing something well, making something that will last, is not prized in this culture. Is Civilization a Wetiko Culture?:

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Evidence of a friendship


A friend from Moscow, who was coming to our house to celebrate my birthday with me was refused a visum. It is still on, but will be different without her physical presence here. Across cultures life NL

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From the feed: More complexity

Chris Corrigan

Back in 2015, Dave Snowden took on 12 aspects of organizational and corporate culture that were basically enemies of complexity thinking. Collective presencing applied. I’m moving these posts to Monday morning and will try to provide a theme each week to connect the five links.

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