What is uniquely human?

Jenny Connected

On the back of that course I established myself as an independent education consultant and researcher, which ultimately led to a PhD by publication. More important than this was that it led to connections with people with whom I am still in contact and who are now personal friends.

2018 170

Improving Things for Knowledge and Information Workers

Michael Sampson - Currents

This could be clarity on what the problem is (hence reducing mental confusion), or a concentration-friendly environment in which to work with few interruptions and distractions. In 2018, is the answer more collaboration, interaction, distractions, disruptions and interruptions?

2018 116

November in review: transitions


As the kids of our homeschooling friends grow there are new priorities and a need to find a new balance between adults and kids in the group. And then there are more practical things, like getting more involved in a consulting work that Robert does and working on an article together with him. November turned to be a strange month. I went to Moscow for a week, without the kids and, for a first time in many years, without a real to do list.

2018 89