Guest post: Networks for Mangrove Protection in Costa Rica

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2018): More than just linking the nodes: civil society actors as intermediaries in the design and implementation of payments for ecosystem services–the case of a blue carbon project in Costa Rica, Local Environment. (by Barbara Schroeter).

Who influences the EU’s green infrastructure strategy?

Net-Map Toolbox

” Agricultural Networks case studies Other people's work Political Networks publications Anja Werner bottom-up implementation European Commission Green Infrastructure Habitats Jennifer Hauck Jenny Schmidt Landscape conservation Research PaperIt’s not just about information flow and regulations: Social pressure considerably influences biodiversity governance in Europe. It is my pleasure to share more Net-Map work done by capable colleagues.

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Shopping for Inspiration

Michael Sampson - Currents

Shopping for inspiration is easy in our networked world: Look at the case studies available from vendors. Learning what others have done with the new tools and resources available to them provides inspiration and challenge on what could be possible in your work, team and organisation.

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Re-Imagining Construction at Bechtel

Michael Sampson - Currents

It has been several years since I first saw the above Bechtel case study – on how the company had embraced the iPad for business – but there were a couple of new ideas to me that have stood out over time.

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The year of living chaordically

Chris Corrigan

It will also contains some stories, case studies and inspiration. This is the year I finally turn my version of the chaordic stepping stones tool into a book.

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RBS Embraces Facebook at Work: My Reflections and Questions, and the Challenge Ahead

Michael Sampson - Currents

If that’s the case (and it normally always is the case), then the 90% figure is going to drop and drop drastically as RBS moves through its phased rollout approach (30,000 by end March 2016, and 100,000 by end 2016 according to RBS ).

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