Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

Wildlife instead of natural capital/resources/stocks/assets. ” DJ Earworm Does It Again: The mashup master compiles the top 25 songs of 2018 into one blockbuster song/video , which is a lot better than any of the mostly mediocre derivative songs that make it up.

2018 75

Truth in a Post-Truth Age

Jenny Connected

Last week BBC Radio 4 broadcast a series of 15 minute podcasts over five days on the topic of Truth.

2018 219

Community and organization intertwine

Learning Alliances

For example, organizations can own assets like websites and other technologies, have payrolls, are bound by law, and have clear accountability. Can buy or sell assets; can sell or procure work externally. I’ve been thinking about how community and organization are intertwined, especially when they are interdependent like they are in churches, synagogues, or mission-driven organizations like Amnesty International.

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Links of the Quarter: June 2018

How to Save the World

photo by Ian Nelson of Hanalei Bay, Kaua’i after the April 2018 floods, which swept away some livestock fences and introduced some species to some novel ecosystems. multimedia reprocessed/washed/painted photo produced by my friend Ron Woodall.

2018 46

A simple way to explore the Four Fold Practice of the Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

” We heard a bit in plenary about what was strong with folks, and there are lots of assets and experiences in the room. The Art of Hosting is predicated on a very simple set of practices which we call the Four Fold Practice.

2018 61

Letter of Termination

How to Save the World

They too are all fired, and ordered to immediately return everything they have taken from us, including all assets they have purchased with the proceeds of their unconscionable “salaries”, bonuses, dividends and capital gains, and we ask that they leave our premises immediately. image from Fill at Pixabay CC0.

2018 63

Collapse Watch

How to Save the World

Banks will freeze your assets because they have no collateral to fund withdrawals by customers. I t’s been a while since I posted about the collapse of our industrial civilization.

2018 46