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Cambridge Analytica vs Beacon – Facebook Australia Quantium

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How Facebook and Twitter work with big data companies in Australia and beyond. And while Twitter and other companies are also using this data, its the big data companies that should be looked at more carefully. But it is very much like 2018. Ancient history?

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May I Ask a Question?

How to Save the World

M y friend Ben Collver recently loaned me a book called A More Beautiful Question , by Warren Berger, that arose from some ideas in Warren’s blog. Imagine novel alternatives. To imagine novel alternatives and workarounds. Image from pixabay by Dean Moriarty, CC0.

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Letter of Termination

How to Save the World

Following is a partial listing of some of the ways in which your consortium member organizations have abrogated the spirit and substance of our long-standing agreement with you, leaving us no alternative but to take this step: Representative Democracy LLC: Your “representatives” have not represented us at all. image from Fill at Pixabay CC0.

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