Facebook Course in Sydney 2018 – Workshop With Laurel Papworth

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Curriculum for the Intermediate Facebook 2 Day Workshop in Sydney CBD 2018. Facebook Ads: Understanding the Facebook Framework (F8), Advertising platform(s) including Power Editor, Pixel retargeting. Tickets for the Facebook Education Workshop in Sydney 2018.

2018 163

cRaggy 2018: design, feedback & reflections

Learning Alliances

This blog post describes the cRaggy event at the June 2, 2018 Cascadia R Conf , its design, the logic behind its design, feedback from participants and reflections on how such an event might be better in the future.

2018 130

Spoof Intelligence Added for all Exchange Online Protection Plans #office365

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft added Spoof Intelligence for email security earlier this year (January 2018 I think). Spoofing means sending as a domain when you aren’t actually part of that domain, and the default behaviour in anti-spam engines is to treat spoofed email as junk or otherwise invalid.

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Hierarchy is the Enemy of Learning

How to Save the World

None of my suggestions was seen by anyone with the authority to act on it, and mostly I got “thank you” emails telling me that they appreciated my comments while making it clear they didn’t understand them. drawing by hugh macleod at gaping void .

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Walking away from facebook

Chris Corrigan

Facebook in engaged in undermining democracy and articles I was reading in 2018 pointed to their intentional and unintentional aiding and abetting behaviour with respect to the elections and democratic engagement.

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