Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

Vollmann seeks to understand how “we could not only sustain, but accelerate the rise of atmospheric carbon levels, all the while expressing confusion, powerlessness and resentment.” Na Pali coast, Kaua’i — photo by me, taken two weeks ago.

2018 76

Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

In the meantime, as you know if you have followed my work, the main focus of my fundamental R&D and practical consultancy has become the CommunitySensor methodology for participatory community network/collaboration mapping. Another experiment took place in Brno in October 2018.

2019 207

Risky Business

How to Save the World

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse are on the map, but they’re only in the middle of the chart, despite the obvious fact that human survival is utterly dependent on biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. Why is the impact of this ongoing disaster not at the very top of the map?

2018 69