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Links of the Quarter: December 2018

How to Save the World

It’s impatient, and annoyed with most people, especially itself. Vollmann seeks to understand how “we could not only sustain, but accelerate the rise of atmospheric carbon levels, all the while expressing confusion, powerlessness and resentment.”

2018 75

Risky Business

How to Save the World

E very year, an organization called the Global Risk Forum presents the corporate and political elite attending the Davos World Economic Forum conference with a snapshot of their assessment of the greatest risks this elite and its vested interests should be aware of.

2018 68

The Death of Truth: A World Where Lying Pays

How to Save the World

Leaders — corporate, political and other — lie blatantly, and deny that they are doing so. T he character that is not me lies in the sun on the warm tropical beach, listening to the roar of the surf.

2018 51

Collapse Watch

How to Save the World

Since it began, every bit, 100%, of our global industrial culture’s “growth” is attributable to ever-accelerating use of cheap, readily available energy. though of course these models make all kinds of assumptions, and few people understand or pay attention to them.

2018 46