Mapping the social innovation ecosystems around public libraries together: the Czech connection(s)

Making CommunitySense

Since 2017, I have been on several working visits to Brno and Prague. Public libraries are cornerstones of civil society. They form the “ third places ” where individual citizens meet and mingle, get informed, learn, as well as form and share opinions.

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Listening to and Learning from the ‘Other’

Jenny Connected

2017). For a few months now I have been struggling to understand the idea of the ‘Other’, i.e. the capitalised Other. Why is it that so many people write about it and make such a big thing of it?

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Unschooling myself: traces through time


On socialisation and education , December 2017. Something I find amazing every time I experience it – how unschooling as an educational choice for the kids turns to be a personal learning trajectory for us, as parents. Over the years it made me face my worst fears and imperfections, to see and accept things as they are and to learn from that point.

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Curious About Radical Non-Duality But Hate Videos?

How to Save the World

I attended Tony’s meeting in Wales in the summer of 2017, and Jim’s in Vancouver last October (2018).

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A-Z of my year – 2018

Jenny Connected

A – A better year than 2017. Announcing one family wedding for 2019 and one family engagement. I first wrote a post like this in 2016. I didn’t write one last year. Here is one for this year.

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