Slowing Down to Pay ATTENTION – the #365 Photo Practice

Full Circle Associates

I never seriously considered doing it until January 2, 2015. About the same time I noticed that my friend and “inspiring being” Eugene Eric Kim posted Ten Days Into my 365 Photos Project. I always underestimate how much time and attention people give to Facebook.

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A Webinar on Facilitating with Technology With 36 Co-Presenters

Full Circle Associates

Clearly I’m not the only one with this issue: “I have not been building in enough reflection time in my webinars. Over the past few years I have enjoyed being part of the MAFN Webinars. MAFN is the Mid Atlantic Facilitator’s Network.

2015 65

When the Leader is the Only One Remote From the Team

Leading Virtually

These might be the rest of the team or other factors, such as the time zone difference, if one exists. On my LinkedIn profile , I received a suggestion in response to one of my recent posts that I cover a particular configuration of virtual teams.

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