On homeschooling, integration and Dutch


Like in an expat community, where you are likely to expand your knowledge about very different corners of the world, homeschooling community provided me with an entrance to very different Netherlands then the country that I got to know in 10 years before that.

2015 204

Intranets 2015 in Sydney

Michael Sampson - Currents

Many of the sessions were practically focused on how a specific organization was approaching their intranet, from a certain perspective – such as design, engagement, integration, etc. Many creative ideas were contributed to the photo competition, and people’s general knowledge was well tested during the table games. Last week I was in Sydney for the fifth annual Intranets conference, hosted by Step Two.

2015 131

10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters


And on October 10th, 2015, I just made it through my 10th year blogiversary for [link]. Here we are, 2015, and we are still talking about it. Thank you for being an integral part of quite an amazing, yet unfinished , journey!

2015 266

What’s Your Purpose?


On the other hand, there are also plenty of other great purposes for which people/organisations have pretty much nailed their efforts into becoming a Socially Integrated Enterprise. It’s 2015, it’s considered a given. The Journey of Becoming a Socially Integrated Enterprise .

Links of the Month: January 29, 2015

How to Save the World

The Value of Peer Interviews: My friend Nancy White explains how, by “interviewing each other”, we surface knowledge we did know we had , allow ourselves much-needed time for reflection, and fulfill our deep-seated need to be heard, seen and loved.

2015 95

The Trials and Tribulations of Freelance Work


It’s a fascinating journey, it already has been for certain, seeing how there are plenty of differences, but also lots of similarities, in terms of how we, knowledge (Web) workers, operate whether working as salaried employees or just by ourselves, going solo.

2015 209

Public Sector Collaboration with Knowledge Hub

Michael Sampson - Currents

Knowledge Hub recently announced a partnering agreement with Socitm, to provide an online collaboration capability for Socitm members. The intent is to provide new ways to facilitate peer-to-peer engagement and knowledge sharing. At the same time, Socitm will retain the ability to engage with the wider community providing services to the public across Knowledge Hub. More: Knowledge Hub

2015 125

The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

Gilly Salmon’s 5 stage model for teaching and learning online (2000) which takes an e-learning moderator through a staged approach from online access, through online socialization and information exchange, towards knowledge construction and personal development in online learning. 2015).

2015 246

Social Computing Guidelines and Why You Would Still Need Them


I know what you are thinking, here we are, already passed through 2015, and we still need guidelines? And IBM’s official journey to become a Socially Integrated Enterprise had just begun. Collaboration Communities Knowledge Management Open Business Learning Enterprise2.0

2015 179

R and Google Spreadsheets (and the context)

Learning Alliances

I can’t find the exact quote, but I’m sure that somewhere Tukey said that “ Domain knowledge is essential for data analysis.” ” I found the statement to be particularly troubling because I didn’t think I had any (certainly not enough) domain knowledge.

2015 176

An Introduction to the Divided Brain – Part 1

Jenny Connected

At the end of this course, I wrote on my feedback form: It was a great privilege to be able to spend time over four days listening and talking to Iain McGilchrist whose breadth of knowledge of science, history, literature, art, poetry and music is so impressive.

2015 155

The Divided Brain: Trying to be Sane in an Insane World

Jenny Connected

These five principles reflect Iain’s personal view based on his experience, reading and knowledge of great scholars from the past, such as Erasmus, who developed sophisticated critiques of contemporary life. Sunday 22nd March pm.

2015 139

Blog>> Keynotes from IKO Conference

Green Chameleon

Patrick Lambe – The New Frontier in Knowledge Organisation: integrating methods, technologies and standards to deliver extraordinary results. Matt Moore – Competence and Knowledge Organisation Here are the slides for the three keynotes at our IKO Conference this week. We will be producing video versions of these as well, but they’ll take a little longer.

2015 100

Blog>> Case Studies from IKO Conference

Green Chameleon

Mark Garlinghouse – Integrating internal and external knowledge sources for an R&D function. Patrick Lambe & Loh Yu Gene – Graph database to build a knowledge mapping tool Here are the pdfs from the 15 case studies presented at the IKO Conference this week. You’ll find the case outlines as well as the presenter slides, and any additional materials presented by the case presenters. Agnes Molnar – Next generation SharePoint.

2015 100

Blog>> IKO Conference - Conference Guide

Green Chameleon

The guide contains the complete agenda, the speaker profiles, the content of the case study outlines, and the knowledge organisation competency framework. ” “Good overview of KM related topics and current trends and how to integrate these into more balanced and holistic approaches.” Here is the pdf version of the full Conference Guide provided to participants.

2015 100

enough just to know

How to Save the World

to allow their unconscious knowledge. to be integrated with what, consciously, they intellectually knew and emotionally felt: Jung’s four ways of knowing became one. some cultures, I am told. made sense of things, and made decisions in two ways.

2015 88


How to Save the World

Thomas argues that the illusion of self arises because the model of reality (and of self) that the evolved brain creates to function effectively is integrated, coherent and transparent (i.e. (image by Darren Hopes from NewScientist.com).

2015 92

Blog>> ISKO UK Conference 2015 - Call for Papers

Green Chameleon

I’m honoured to be associated with the ISKO UK biennial conference on knowledge organisation. This is a small, highly focused conference, and one of the best around in bringing practical and theoretical perspectives to bear on issues and methods in knowledge organisation. They have just issued a call for papers for their 2015 conference, which will be held 13-14 July 2015. Full papers should be submitted by 1 May 2015

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Conversations With a Wonderful Client

Full Circle Associates

CIAT’s communications and knowledge management team in collaboration with Human Resources Management had identified a whole series of products and activities that could bring us closer to our objectives. collaboration communication knowledge sharing reflection

2015 67

My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

Online Community Strategy

And there are way too many 2015 retrospectives to look back on… but I’m feeling optimistic and inspired! This is a long-ish post – the short version is a list of personal highlights from 2015, and a look ahead to 3 big ideas and aspirations for 2016.

2015 54

In The Next Version - It’s Like Facebook For Work. Wait It Is Facebook For Work

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

January 15 2015 08:00:00 AM. The lack of understanding of how social network could benefit businesses lead to my introducing of the theme of Purposeful Collaboration , where social features were integrated directly into the business tools people use to get their jobs done.

2015 52

2014, The Year That Was


What’s about to come up shortly is perhaps a bit too personal any way; an exercise of self-introspection to help me understand better what’s happened this year and venture into what 2015 may bring forward. I couldn’t wait for it to be over, done and dealt with and off we go into 2015.

2014 206

Blog>> KM Practitioner Interview Series: Praba Nair

Green Chameleon

We first met Praba Nair when Straits Knowledge was still a startup. The project focused on identifying the knowledge gaps of the health care providers and receivers of the preventive and curative maternal health care services in the tea plantation estate sector.

2016 130

IBM's Mike Rhodin on the Convergence of Social Business, Analytics and Commerce: Part One

Portals and KM

IBM projects $16 billion in business analytics revenue by 2015. In the risk space they added OpenPages and integrated it with IBM's Tivoli brand. Social tools are being adapted to created the connected enterprise and provide a useful and work related knowledge Web unlike the old style disconnected versions of knowledge management. I certainly agree with this need for connecting knowledge with work.

Exploring the Divided Brain – a 4 day course with Iain McGilchrist. Day 1 (pm)

Jenny Connected

The right hemisphere is more attuned to spiritual experience, which is rooted in the body, involves bodily practices and integrates emotion with thought. knowledge replaced by information, tokens or representations. 2015).

2016 130

Art of Hosting beyond the basics: a new offering

Chris Corrigan

Our beyond the basics offerings is informed by and structured around learning, discovering and implementing practices that integrate these approaches to working in complex environments with complex challenges.

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Lessons from a Crazy MAFN Multi-Sensory Webinar

Full Circle Associates

Another year Any Lenzo, Nancy Settle-Murphy and I co-led a session about technology and facilitation (2015). The connection to the purpose: that is the integrity of the design. Warning: Long post suitable for process geeks and lovers of detail.

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