February 2015. Light and Shade.

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2015). An emerging light for me is that some of the issues that were raised by the paper are being discussed, which is surely a better outcome than the paper being ignored. February arrived in light and went out in shade.

2015 176

Large Systems Change: an emerging field of transformation and transitions

Networking Action

What is meant by “large systems change (LSC)?” How can we “do it” much better? What must change and what are the strategies to realize it? What does a comprehensive picture of the field of LSC knowledge and methods look … Net Dev

2015 189

Large Systems Change: An Emerging Field of Transformation and Transitions

Networking Action

2015). Large Systems Change: An Emerging Field of Transformation and Transitions. Waddell, S., Waddock, S., Cornell, S., Dentoni, D., McLachlan, M., & Meszoely, G. Journal of Corporate Citizenship(58). In this paper we put forward a theory of large systems … Published Articles

2015 130

Jenny’s January 2015

Jenny Connected

And then I saw Stephen Downes’ post – A Year in Photos – and the wonderful photos and text have stimulated me to keep a record of my ‘happenings’ over this year of 2015. 2015 came in with the end of Fedwiki or not the end because I am still following and have signed up for the next Happening. Working with Roy Williams and Jutta Pauschenwein on emergent learning. At the end of last year I wrote a post about art I enjoyed in 2014.

2015 107

Large Systems Change: An Emerging Field of Transformation and Transitions

Networking Action

What is meant by “large systems change (LSC)?” How can we “do it” much better? What must change and what are the strategies to realize it? What does a comprehensive picture of the field of LSC knowledge and methods look … Net Dev

2015 151

Structure, agency and hard work

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But pay-offs aren’t always what we expect, particularly if we keep an open mind about what might crop up, i.e. be open to emergent learning. This month it has been Osberg and Biesta’s paper on emergent curriculum. Today is my (our) wedding anniversary.

2015 176

Links of the Quarter: September 29, 2015

How to Save the World

It explains how our modern disconnected industrial “taker” culture emerged as dominant over thousands of connected, sustainable “leaver” cultures.

2015 92

Enterprise 2.0, Where Art Thou?


is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers.

2015 263

Sense making, friend making and glaciers

Michelle Laurie

— Jitu'cha (@jitucha) March 2, 2015. They should leave remembering the key trends, patterns and emerging issues in their field of work.

2015 241

Graphic Facilitation Workshop ‘Rosviz’ 2015

Full Circle Associates

Graphic Facilitation Workshop ‘Rosviz’ 2015 | Michelle Laurie rants and raves reminds us that it is that time again… drum roll… Graphic Facilitation Workshop ‘Rosviz’ 2015 Welcome to the 6th Annual Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 13-14, 2015 Location: Beautiful Rossland, B.C., I have a special interest in the NGO/NPO sector and the emerging practice of using communities and networks for work and learning.

2015 58

Summer Schools, GIFs and Life Drawing

Jenny Connected

And I was very grateful to Matthias Melcher when he created a GIF to depict a 3D image of our Footprints of Emergence landscape (This won’t make sense without reference to the associated research. Emergent Learning Personal GIF life drawing Pat Thomson

2015 155

Collaborative Economy Roundup for the Week of November 16, 2015

Online Community Strategy

via eMarketer – “The sharing economy has emerged over the past decade to revolutionize travel and transportation.

2015 65

Academic Writing as a ‘Desire to Relate’

Jenny Connected

For example, in the most recent writing I have been doing, the introduction was the last section I wrote, I only had a very vague idea of where I was going at the start and I was waiting for ideas to emerge, for ‘Ah Ha’ moments.

2015 232

New structures (MOOCs) demand new ethics?

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2015). An emergent outcome of our research was that ethics is an area worthy of more attention in MOOCs, particularly MOOCs which take a very experimental approach to pedagogy. But ethics was only one emergent issue.

2015 206

From intuition to knowing for sure: a case of applying learning analytics at course level

Joitske Hulsebosch

A group of enthusiastic participants began to emerge as a core group. Blogpost is written in collaboration with Francois Walgering from MOOCfactory and Sibrenne Wagenaar from Ennuonline. More and more trainers and facilitators use online platforms for online interaction to facilitate learning.

2015 200

R and Google Spreadsheets (and the context)

Learning Alliances

In Why Information Grows: The Evolution of Order, from Atoms to Economies , César Hidalgo (2015) points to this same issue: It is hard for us humans to separate information from meaning because we cannot help interpreting messages.

2015 176

To Be Successful, Write About Success

Ken Carroll

Because once you bring the element of success to the table, then all sorts of things emerge. Believe me, the pattern will emerge. I’m going to help you become more successful. That’s my mission. So, here’s how you’re going to do it: You''re going to succeed by helping others succeed.

2015 183

Academic writing: saying what you really mean

Jenny Connected

Research is by its nature messy and emergent, so ideas are emerging and dynamic. Link to source of image. This morning I picked up this quote from a blog post Thirteen Ways of Looking at Ted Hughes by Anthony Wilson.

2015 166

Growing the Tilburg urban farming community map

Making CommunitySense

Just as important, if not more important, are the relations and interactions which emerge “below the surface” among the community members themselves and between them and their stakeholders. The essence of communities is not so much formed by these elements on their own, but by the kind, quality, and number of connections that emerge between them. We will continue to update and extend the map at least until the end of the project (June 2015).

2015 164

What is the purpose of a conference?

Viv Mcwaters

I’ve had this conversation with a few people recently and (recognising that this is not a legitimate survey and analysis, just some random thoughts) there’s a common theme emerging. “The best part of the conference are the breaks.

2015 158

Switching focus from Ageing Better to Living Well with tech: it’s all personal

Social Reporter

We were able to test some of our emerging ideas against a wide-ranging discussion at a symposium on technology and innovation, organised by the South East Forum on Ageing. What emerged from that – and our other explorations – was that the idea of promoting cooperation among organisations in the field, to achieve greater benefits and innovation, was somewhat naive. At this stage – in February 2015 – we are considering a change of focus towards the individual.

2015 148

The Power of “No”: Escape From Overload and Focus on What Matters

Partnering Resources

Start saying no and watch possibilities emerge. By DWRose on flickr. One of the most important things a leader can do is to help people stay focused. That means having the courage to say “no.”

2015 138

Why 90% of Organisations would NOT Survive a Digital Disruption

Governance in a Networked World

In other words, at this point in time, for this case, any ideas emerging from the Yammer channel is likely to be swamped by the BAU channels. Really?

2015 141

The Divided Brain and the Power of ‘No’

Jenny Connected

We need to stop, attend and listen to what emerges. ‘No’ Monday 23rd March am. This is the penultimate (or that is the plan!) in a series of posts I am making following a four-day course with Iain McGilchrist.

2015 148

The Divided Brain. What does it mean to think?

Jenny Connected

Emergence of the Gestalt. Saturday 21 st March am. This is the third in a series of posts I am making following a four-day course with Iain McGilchrist. Details of the course, which will run again next year can be found on the Field & Field website.

2015 148

Understanding where you are, not where you think you are: some tips and a process

Chris Corrigan

Compare the themes that are emerging across the tables. It is much more difficult to game the system when the schemes you are developing are emergent and based on actual pieces of data. A couple of good blog posts in my feed this morning that provoked some thinking.

2015 102

Sense making, friend making and glaciers

Michelle Laurie

— Jitu'cha (@jitucha) March 2, 2015. They should leave remembering the key trends, patterns and emerging issues in their field of work.

2015 130

Blog>> Breaking Down Silos to Tackle Cyber Threats

Green Chameleon

It will also assimilate the Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority and the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Singapore Government is setting up a new agency to monitor and counter threats to cyber security. See news reports here and here. Based on these reports, the Cyber Security Agency or CSA will bring together a few existing entities from different parts of the public sector.

2015 144

Two Brazilian Net-Map studies: Fair Trade and Cotton

Net-Map Toolbox

The Fair Trade has emerged as a proposal for inclusion of players with limited potential of insertion in the conventional market, aiming not only the economic viability, but quality attributes and other dimensions that are not valued by market mechanisms.

2015 127

Getting The Content Advantage 1: Show Up

Ken Carroll

Some of the benefits start to emerge. With the right kind of content you start to getting the content advantage. It begins with visibility, with getting your work out into the public, so that you start to show up. From there, the benefits grow.

2015 127

The Divided Brain: Trying to be Sane in an Insane World

Jenny Connected

With the course now nearing the end, key messages are repeated and key themes emerge more clearly, principally that the malaise of modern man is a malaise of the spirit. (I Sunday 22nd March pm.

2015 139

Updating exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age

Social Reporter

Next steps in our Living Well exploration Briefing for workshop held with the Digital Inclusion Group and Department for Communities and Local Government, outlining our ideas for Living Labs March 27 2015. Living Well workshop report Report on the workshop held with the Digital Inclusion Group and Department for Communities and Local Government March 27 2015. Together they could support the emerging Grey Cells model for digital service development and citizen online engagement.

2015 116

Things you learn while homeschooling


The job is observe, to recognise learning, to see when there is a moment to bring in materials, to offer help, to reinforce an emerging pattern, or stop something particularly unproductive or dangerous. Recognise signal in the noise. Literally.

2015 191

A little recap on Big Society

Social Reporter

Paul recounts the point at which the change of leadership of the Network, from his initial role to that of Steve Moore, emerged through Steve promoting the fact in his bio for a TEDx event in Athens in November 2010.

2015 126

Book: Mass collaboration in education is soon out

Taming the spaces

Mass Collaboration as an Emerging Paradigm for Education? Mass Collaboration and Education Cress, Ulrike; Moskaliuk, Johannes; and Jeong, Heisawn (Eds.) Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Ulrike Cress; Heisawn Jeong; and Johannes Moskaliuk. Theories, Cases, and Research Methods Part I: Theoretical Approaches to Mass collaboration Chapter 2: Allan Collins. A Brief History of Mass Collaboration: How Innovations […]. communities mass collaboration

2015 109

Evaluation and monitoring

Chris Corrigan

In the unordered systems where complexity and emergence is at play, summative evaluation cannot work at all. Complex problems (or more precisely, emergent problems generated from complex systems) cannot be solved, per se. Violent societies are emergent.

Why rules can’t solve everything

Chris Corrigan

Cynefin Emergence Evaluation Featured Leadership Youth Recently in BC, we have a had a child die in the care of the state.

2015 85

Pen and paper sense-making 2.0

Chris Corrigan

Art of Hosting Cynefin Emergence Evaluation Facilitation Learning Uncategorized World Cafe Two weeks ago in our Leadership 2020 program I experimented with using a signification framework to harvest a World Cafe.

2015 77

How self-organization works: short form

Chris Corrigan

Within complex systems, attractors and constraints create the conditions to enable emergence. What emerges isn’t always desirable and is never predictable, but it has the property of being new and different from any of the individual elements within the system.

Cooling it at Conglomerate Creek

Endless Knots

Out came the camp kitchen, supplies emerged from the refrigerators and drawers, and before long we were eating and sharing George and Nicole’s camp fire with Finny playing chef to introduce the Aussies to S’mores.   Conglomerate Creek, Vic.,

2015 146

New Industry Report: The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy

Online Community Strategy

In the 2015 report, The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, over 50,000 people across the US and Canada were surveyed on their attitude towards, and use of, the collaborative economy. Jeremiah Owyang of Crowd Companies and Vision Critical have released a follow up report to their 2014 Sharing is the new Buying.

2015 72

Brands & The Collaborative Economy Research Project: Call for Participation

Online Community Strategy

organizations are addressing the threats and opportunities emerging from the Collaborative Economy, how quickly they are engaging, and what resources they need to be successful.

2015 84

I’ve Changed My Mind

How to Save the World

Complex systems evolve to resist attempts to reform or replace them (their equilibrium has been hard-won), and it is only when they become unsustainable and collapse that space is created for new systems to emerge.

2015 95